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Comfort Zone Hydramemory, a 24-Hours Double Hydration System Using the Safest and Finest Natural-Origin Ingredients

Comfort Zone Hydramemory
I did not even know there’s a brand called Comfort Zone here in Malaysia until the recent Comfort Zone Hydramemory range launch. Other media friends started telling me about their previous attendance for the anti-aging launch and I was like “are they already in Malaysia??” lol. But I’m more interested with these. The new Hydramemory range. The name says it all – hydration. Who doesn’t like hydration range? I know I love them!

Now, let’s understand more on our skin. Our skin’s outer layer is composed of around 20% to 35% of water. Proteins and lipids together with water gives the skin softness, flexibility and elasticity. When the water level dropped to 20% of less, the skin become parched hence the formation of aging such as wrinkles.

Comfort Zone developed Hydramemory range which has a 24-hours double hydration system. It is made with exclusive natural oils and high-tech active ingredients combination that not only provides water but also restructures cutaneous barrier and water distribution inside as well as outside of the cell evenly. It features a light “sorbet” textures minus silicones to complete the innovation mechanism of action for immediate, lasting hydration.


Hydramemory Essence (RM288 / 100ml)

Comfort Zone Hydramemory Essence
Concentrated, fragrance-free, as light as toner but as powerful as a serum. The essence provides immediate hydrating action, inducing softness and radiance to the skin, thanks to Hydramemory’s active ingredients that are BOOSTED with 11 hydrating activators in a natural base of tamarind and with the natural components of the skin’s hydrating factors (NMF Complex).


Hydramemory Eye Gel (RM228 / 15ml)

Comfort Zone Hydramemory Eye Gel
Brings relief to tired eyes and create barrier for the eye contour against signs of aging, particularly thanks to the unique bulging, cool metal applicator. The eye gel has Mediterranean Apple Extract to reduce dark circles and puffiness. This has quickly becoming my favourite, especially when used with the metal applicator using a simple massage technique.


Hydramemory Mask (RM218 / 60ml)

Comfort Zone Hydramemory Mask
Another highly recommended product from Hydramemory – Mask. This is a leave-on gel mask, which also said to be suitable to use under makeup because of it’s sorbet texture tat enables layering. Hah! Interesting. It has high content of Hydramemory’s active ingredients to deliver express hydrating effect for a quenched, revitalised and smooth skin.


Hydramemory Serum (RM368 / 30ml)

Comfort Zone Hydramemory Serum
Formulated with biomimetic fragments of hyaluronic acid (HA), macro HA and natural extracts blend for that intensive moisture. Again, its sorbet texture quenches the skin’s thirst immediately, leaving the skin a fresh sensation. It’s ultra-light on the skin, which makes it suitable for men and women.


Hydramemory Cream Gel (RM298 / 60ml) and Cream (RM318 / 60ml)

Comfort Zone Hydramemory Cream
Lastly, to seal everything together. The cream gel and cream helps to preserve the skin’s water balance thanks to its 24-hours double hydrating mechanism. It has macro HA and a blend of natural extracts as well as moringa oil from certified fair trade cultivations for all-day moisture, softness and smoothness to the skin. Cream Gel is recommended for normal to combination well, while Cream is best suited for normal to dry skin.

Another note on Comfort Zone that needed to be applaud. The brand Comfort Zone developed all their products according to rigorous product formulation policy, using only the safest and finest natural-origin ingredients with the most advanced molecules and carrier systems. The principle approach of “Science-Based Conscious Formula™ are imprinted on all of the packaging.


Comfort Zone Hydramemory products are available at over 20 beauty salons nationwide.

+ Hydramemory Essence – RM288
+ Hydramemory Eye Gel – RM228
+ Hydramemory Mask – RM218
+ Hydramemory Serum – RM368
+ Hydramemory Cream Gel – RM298
+ Hydramemory Cream – RM318

For more information on Comfort Zone, please visit Comfort Zone Website or contact Luscious Solution at +603-2141 9928 / 9037. Alternatively you may email to


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