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Spa Therapist Complimented My Baby Soft Skin, Thanks to ShiKai Yuzu Moisturizing Shower Gel and Hand & Body Lotion

Shikai Yuzu Moisturizing Shower Gel and Yuzu Moisturizing Hand Body Lotion
I’m into yuzu these days. To be honest I have no real knowledge on what is yuzu. All I know is they looked like a hybrid between an orange and a lemon lol 😛 . But one thing I can assure you is that yuzu smells amazing. I first fell in love with yuzu scent when I bought a pack of yuzu scented steam eye mask from Singapore last year. That changes everything as anything with yuzu is either expensive or hard to get. However that’s not just the only scent from ShiKai. I mentioned a week or two ago that TNS Skin Lab recently added the brand ShiKai into their array of natural personal care selection. You know what’s better other than ShiKai is all natural? It is Made in the USA and are not tested on animals ❤️


Moisturizing Shower Gel (RM69 / 355ml, RM14 / 60ml)

Shikai Yuzu Moisturizing Shower Gel
Yuzu scented shower gel? How exciting! If you think this is just another shower gel, think again. These gel actually contain maximum amount of powdered oatmeal and aloe vera gel to moisturize and relieve dry, itchy skin, and also for a smoother, softer skin. Most shower gel do, I get it. After trying the shower gel for a few weeks, I must say they are not joking. Despite being a soap-free shower gel, it actually foams up more than other shower gel I know. The foams doesn’t dries up the skin but instead the skin are kept supple. It’s even better with the body lotion, which I’ll get into later.

It has a authentic yuzu scent, almost the same with my steam eye mask, for which I am quite happy with. The scent relaxes me and makes me chirpy happy during shower. It does help if yuzu if one of your favourite scent 😉


Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion (RM66 / 238ml,  RM14 / 29ml)

Shikai Yuzu Moisturizing Hand Body Lotion
This one I’m most excited about. It’s weird thinking back to 3 years ago when I am against body lotion. I learnt how to apply body lotion and that is not before bed time but as soon as you towel dry your skin after shower, while the skin is still damp. This way, the body absorb the product better leaving the skin soft and not sticky.

I am the most non-discipline one when it comes to using complementing scent or product. This time I told myself to not stray and just follow the step. It has Borage Oil to help to heal dry skin. I personally do have a dry skin and this lotion I would say is much more creamier and thicker than every other lotion I’ve used. It does leave a layer on the skin so use moderately, not generously like me lol. It also contain Shea Butter for that extra extra silky feel,  Aloe Vera and Vitamin E combined with Cocoabutter, Wheatgerm, Apricot and Safflower Oils for extra moisturization.

Scent wise, it’s different from the shower gel. The shower gel has a rather pleasant authentic yuzu scent while the Hand & Body Lotion has a more stronger yuzu scent that almost smells like it’s plasticky. Does it smells bad? No. It still smells like yuzu. But I get it why the lotion smells somewhat different and stronger. Complementing body care products especially lotion are in this way so that the scent are able to lingers on the skin longer. If you notice the last step products are always heavily scented.

As I’m writing this, my Hand & Body Lotion are 50% used up while my Shower Gel are still 80% full. How is that even possible? 😛 . Then I realized how much I’m using every night after shower. So much so that last Friday I went for a body massage and the therapist told me my skin are baby soft and that I took care of my skin very well. Now, now now. I am proud of that compliment. It means ShiKai Yuzu Moisturizing Shower Gel and Hand & Body Lotion really delivers what it promised and that is soft, smooth and moisturizing skin.


ShiKai products are available at all TNS Skin Lab outlets nationwide and online at

+ Hand & Body Lotion – RM66 / 238ml
+ Hand & Body Lotion – RM14 / 29ml

For more information and to shop online, please visit TNS Skin Lab Website, Facebook Page and Instagram.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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