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THE TWEE Sway its Way into Southeast Asia with First Flagship Store at KL Gateway Mall

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I nearly missed the launch of THE TWEE first Southeast Asia flagship store at KL Gateway Mall launch last week. As soon as I stand in front of the store, I knew I would like this. I made my way into the huge store swaying left and right (because it was so big) and find myself looking in awe. Even the men’s section are looking cool. Pretty much my style. Love the décor, the style, the display, the everything!

THE TWEE is a Korean fashion brand, designed and imported directly from South Korea. If you want to look like a Korean star, be like the Korean star and dress like a Korean star, THE TWEE is where you should start looking at 😛

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It’s latest collection features more than 20 contemporary looks, from bright to balmy colours to depicting floral patterns, ready for the summer for both the men and women collection. It also reflects the current Korea’s warm and florally weather at the moment. None the less THE TWEE has all the latest fashion trend in Korea at the store.

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Lucky for us, THE TWEE made these collections to befitting to the Malaysia weather. You know, the hot and humid weather and not the breezy Korean weather 😀 . So do expect the clothes to be airy and comfortable even under the hot sun.

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Hallyu also known as the Korean Wave has made its way through fashion, beauty, hairstyle, food and many more other products that continue to fascinate Malaysians. I for one is oblivious with the K-pop stars but for fashion and accessories, I know a thing or two 😉 . With these many Korean-fanatic fan base here, I doubt THE TWEE will have any problem settling down.

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THE TWEE has grown as the best Specialty Store Retailers of Private Label Apparel brand in Korea, which now has more than 40 stores and has since expanded to China with 8 retail stores. It’s first Southeast Asia flagship store in KL Gateway Mall Bangsar South has an aim to drive Southeast Asia consumers to Malaysia as it intend to be one of the go-to fashion stop for consumers.

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Let’s take a quick look at the rest of the men’s selection.

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For more information, please visit THE TWEE Malaysia Website, Facebook Page, and Instagram Page.


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