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Clarins Opens World’s First Retail Kiosk at IOI City Mall, Putrajaya

Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 1
You girls know I have a soft spot for Clarins. I have seen Clarins’ evolvement over the years from their packaging revolution to reformulation of their best products turning into great products, new technology and science, and now evolving from departmental store beauty counter to standalone retail kiosk. And you know what? Clarins World’s First Retail Kiosk at IOI City Mall is only 5-minutes away from me. How awesome is that? Pretty awesome if you ask me 😀

I visit IOI City Mall almost every other day and I walk pass their newly opened retail kiosk all the time. They are strategically located in front of H&M. You won’t miss this bright kiosk in the middle of the walk way on the Ground Floor. They are on the same floor as every other beauty brand, which is a level where I named as the “beauty floor”.

Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 2
So how big is Clarins world’s first retail kiosk at IOI City Mall? It is currently on a 600 square feet floor space. What makes this kiosk unique besides being a departmental store beauty counter all these while is that they are operating on a brand new retail concept of focusing on an immersive client experience of a 360-approach to beauty. Everything of this new kiosk are designed by the in-house team from Paris. The aim is to be Clarins fans retail destination for a full range of skincare, makeup, body as well as men’s products.

Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 3
And yes, Clarins make up IS BACK! I’ve already eyeing on a lot of products to buy. Slowly, now it’s in my wish list.

Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 4
In fact I am quite amazed that Clarins had the first retail kiosk in Malaysia, not their home country France, not Singapore but our country Malaysia. Clarins has been listening to their customers over the years and thus born the idea of coming up with a new retail concept. Clarins wanted their customers to feel comfortable as if they are at home and pampering them. This kiosk will enable Clarins Beauty Advisors to dedicatedly finding suitable products for each customers, while making sure the customer’s visit is a fun experience.

So, what’s new? It is a digitally-integrated kiosk that offers a variety of services. It utilizes three major innovative experiential ideas to enable customers to choose and sample products easily in a sophisticated setting “It’s all about you” shopping journey.


Exclusive Open Spa Concept

Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 6
Rather than having a full on facial of 90-minutes at Clarins beauty counter or skin spa, there is a new and exclusive 30-minutes facial spa concept featuring result-oriented facials tailored for both men and women with personalized skin consultations, merging Clarins’ trusted spa techniques with innovative formulas.

Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 7
I have friends already telling me how insecure they feel with “open spa” concept but let me assure you the name “open” doesn’t mean you are having your facial openly in the public. It is all covered as you can see from below photo and are totally private. Personally I am okay with the way they setup their facial spa at the kiosk.

Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 8

For just RM88, customers can choose the below facial treatments:

  • Bye Dry Skin – hydration
  • Youth Express – firmer facial features
  • SOS Detox – radiance
  • Eye Must – smoother, younger-looking eyes
  • Mens Skin Fit – vitality and tone
  • Say No To Tension – ease tight muscles
  • SOS V-Shape -refined, lifted facial contours
  • All about Brightening – restores brighter glow.


Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 9

Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 10
Other customers experience of a 360-approach to beauty includes:

Maternity Corner
A section for mom-to-be or new mom to discover a complete range of pregnancy care for pre-natal and post-natal.

Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 11
Travel Zone
This is my favourite zone, where you can purchase travel size products by customizing a pouch with 4 products at only RM130.

Sample Wall
Who doesn’t love sampling, right? This is where customers pick and choose their samples upon completion of a skin check, including exclusive Skin Time providing step-by-step skin care coaching.

Gift Wrapping
A complimentary gift-wrapping service is provided to add an extra touch to your own purchase or a gift to your loved one.

Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 5
Make-up Area
Customers can even get a complimentary makeup touch-ups or even a makeup demo and touch-ups are.

Love Wall
Clarins encourage customers to share their beauty secrets, views about the products or services by pasting an instant photo with messages on the Love Wall.

Recycling Bin
Previously recycling empties are available at Skin Spa. Now you can send back all your old empty bottles for recycling at Clarins retail kiosk. Materials such as plastics, paper and glass from your Clarins products are welcomed.

Experience the best of French beauty with Clarins
Established more than 60 years, Clarins is the European leader in skin care offering products that enhances the beauty of every woman.

Clarins World's First Retail Kiosk IOI City Mall 12
Relaxing Lounge
I love this couch! This is a pretty relax and cozy lounge area for customers to sit and rest while browsing through a library of the Courtin-Clarins family books, available at the coffee table.


Clarins retail kiosk is currently located at:

IOI City Mall Putrajaya
Lot. G-K4, Ground Floor
Tel: 03-8949 9929

Sunway Velocity Mall
G61A & G-80, Ground Floor
Tel: 03-9286 6885

For more information, please visit Clarins Malaysia Website or Clarins Malaysia Facebook Page for more updates.


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  • Yippee!!! Clarin’s is so near my place now. I got too excited until I forgot to check the other side of the counter and the relaxing lounge. Wish they would provide samples for those keen to recycle their packaging.
    Does they provide points for facial service purchase? I got to know their membership feature but unsure if they cover all purchases.

    • I agree with you on rewarding those who brought in empties for recycle. If I remember correctly I think there are points for facial service. The points are according to $, not products, but don’t quote me 😛 . It’s better to call your BA to ask 😀

      By the way, retail kiosk is offering free facial with any purchase!

  • I work as a part-time BA in Clarins before and I can see how much they have evolved. I really like the concept now and how red and white colour really stand out in the crowd.

    • They’ve grown so much for the past few years. From departmental store counter to standalone kiosk! Amazing.


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