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Etude House Sunway Pyramid Flagship Store Opening + A Virtual Store Tour

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 1
Etude House is FINALLY here!

Wait a minute. *hand brake sound*. Hang on. Hold the horses. Isn’t Etude House been in Malaysia for years?!

Yes they are. In fact, Etude House in Korea is under Amore Pacific, the same company that has Laneige, Sulwhasoo, Mamonde and so on under the same umbrella. Over here in Malaysia, Etude House was under a different company. The suspicion of the fallout began when Etude House Facebook page name was changed to something else and it sent a notification to all their fans. Then rumours started to go around saying Amore Pacific actually took back Etude House. And then the massive clearance sale happened and fast forward to last month, the new Etude House was launched – grandly and successfully.

I was invited over as media, not blogger but since it is a beauty brand afterall, it definitely suit Street Love more than Modern Mavens therefore you are reading this piece of news here 😀 . This will be more of a virtual store tour therefore expect lesser talk with more photos. And the photos are not in the best due to the lighting. Everything are yellow and warm 😛 . Bear with me please.

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 2
Being one of the most sought after Korean brand, of course Etude House has to open its flagship store at Sunway Pyramid Mall. The massive huge store occupies 2,455 sq feet on the LG1 Floor, in between Blue and Orange Concourse. The store is currently housing more than 1,000 product lines ranging from cosmetics, skincare, body care, perfume, hair care, nail colors and many more.

The highlight of the new store is the ‘Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk’ collection, whereas you can choose your preferred lipstick casing with your preferred lipstick shade. Overall there are 20 different lip shades and 20 uniquely designed lipstick cases where you can mix-and-match accordingly to your own preference. Etude House also offers personalized engraving service with special engraving on their lipstick available in three selections of language – Korean, Malay and English. Complimentary engraving service is only redeemable with the purchase of one complete set of Dear My Glass Tinting Lips-Talk at a promotional price of RM56 during store opening. This was a hit.

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 3
The store has a young and sweet theme to it and so the interior are all sweet color-themed and with trendy finishing. This brings the brand’s culture of Makeup Play to the next level with fun, interactive, and engaging features. The aims is to provide customers with an enjoyable experience to discover their own unique beauty with Etude House.

I was pretty amazed with the store and the return of the “new” Etude House at the launch to be honest. The store is pretty on-trend with interactive features. One of the special features at the flagship store include the ‘Find Your Look’ section. It has Etude House ‘Signature 9 Looks’ with distinctive product highlights and 9 how-to video tutorials where customers can watch, learn and discover the looks and products that best suit them. I was told to try the app myself and the interactive mirror will changes the makeup on me. They can even print out the photo, which I did 🙂

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 4

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 5

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 6
Printing the photos out.

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 7
Now is the time where I stop talking and let the picture do the work 😛

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 8

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 9

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 10

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 11

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 12

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 13

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Okay, gotta jump right back in to tell you about this. I love these makeup classes stand. It shows you the look and all the products used, together with a video. So if you are a makeup beginner, this would be so useful. Just watch, learn and buy all the products as stated if you want to. No need to think that much lol.

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 15

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 16
I spot PONY!

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 17

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 18

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 19

Etude House Sunway Pyramid 20
If you sign up as member, you get a complimentary sheet mask as well. For more information, please visit Etude House Malaysia official Facebook Page and Instagram Page.


Comments (6)

  • So we can expect their booths to be up and running again???

    • Booth I’m not sure. No info were given to us on their future plans. I think most probably they are slowly opening as it’s a new management after all so everything are restarted from scratch.

  • I went there and I didn’t know what to get lol. Are there anything you recommend getting from Etude House?

    • Get the lipstick + casing and you can get engraving. Otherwise their Play 101 eye pencil is good too.

  • I don’t know it is from the same company until I read you blog post!
    This Etude House shop really look like the one in Korea!! When I saw your photos I thought it was is Korea. haha

    • Yeap. Now all the brands under Amore Pacific in Malaysia are complete since the return of Etude House to their house. The flagship store at Sunway Pyramid is one of the most modern one I’ve been to. Up to the trend at least. Love the interactive features.


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