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Understanding Love Face and Their Passion with Taiwan Beauty Products

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I got to know Love Face when a few bloggers went to one of their event and posted on Instagram about it. Usually I browse through Instagram in a fast manner, not paying much attention but most picture from the event that I saw was 23.5N. And the brand 23.5N from Taiwan was one of the brand that I particularly like when I attended the Taiwan Beauty Power Networking Event last year. I was like… since when 23.5N was launch in Malaysia? Because I remember the brand told me that they “have plans” to expand their market to Malaysia shore but I didn’t expect they did it in just a short few months. So I started browsing Love Face website. To be honest at that time I have no idea what I was looking at as I can’t understand what they are trying to sell – is it a monthly beauty box subscription? Is it a curated type of beauty box? Why so many mask? And so on. Fast forward to a few months ago when I met the lovely Founder of Love Face. It was then I understand what is Love Face. I find that the Founder and I both have one thing in common; and that is we both do what we are passionate about and everything else such as money etc comes next. It was through that one meeting that I see my younger self in her, which is why we could meet and chat for hours. We are going to launch a Love Face X #IWillBeOkay box soon but before that, I thought I might tell you a bit more about Love Face in this short and simple post.


1. First and only online store selling imported Taiwan beauty products

Top 3 Things You Should Know About Love Face 2
We have all seen a lot Korean beauty online store, Japanese beauty online store, Western beauty online store and what not. Love Face is more passionate about Taiwan beauty products and this fills in the gap in the market. They have deep understanding of the Taiwan beauty trend (even more than I do) and fell in love with the products they had tried. Then they go the extra mile in bringing the products in. Everything you see on Love Face website are specially curated by the Founder herself. You will not find the same set elsewhere, even the travel set of 23.5N are all curated and well chosen. Based on the conversation I had with Love Face, I find that Taiwan beauty products are expensive to bring in, hence not many people want to sell Taiwan products here. However, you will be able to find rare brands from Love Face. Among the brands Love Face carry are 23.5°NL’herbofloreSoffy GirlBeauty MateA.H.CBeauty LoveGifu CosmeLuLuLunUtena, and Maison De Blanc. They are slowly adding more and more brands in so keep checking them out from time to time!

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2. Main focus is face sheet mask

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I remember telling Love Face the first impression they gave me, hoping they will not get mad at me for being such a straight forward person. But I meant well and I wanted to help so I told Love Face what I think – that I don’t understand their direction. I’m glad I did because then I understand the whole business aspect more. I won’t spill all the beans here but in a nutshell, Love Face focuses on face sheet mask, besides bringing in Taiwan skin care brands into the market. So when we both sat down to curate our upcoming Love Face X #IWillBeOkay box, we tie the box back to Love Face core focus and that is face sheet mask 😉


3. Hassle-free checkout

Top 3 Things You Should Know About Love Face 4
When I implement #IWillBeOkay Shop into this blog, I wanted the check out process to be the simplest ever because I get the nastiest comments sometimes and I know I will get pounded with more nasty comments if they are not straight forward like – click buy, pay and get the parcel. The first thing I check when I first browse through Love Face website was their check out page. I know, weird that that’s the thing I see first 😛 . And to my surprise, they are the simplest ever! Comparing to every other online store, Love Face has a hassle-free check out page. According to the Founder, they do get enquiries on how to check out despite being an automated step-by-step website. So they customized EVERYTHING to be within the same page. That, my friend, is the simplest and most hassle-free check out I’ve seen. I started to think we think alike lol.

There you have it! A quick glance at Love Face, their passion, what they do and what we can expect from them. Do check them out at, on Instagram or Facebook. Their feed are pretty and addicting! And also don’t forget to keep an eye on both of our social media for the launch of Love Face X #IWillBeOkay box.


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  • Gonna check this out when I go Taiwan in this November. haha. Any recommended other Taiwan products? Now too much focus on Korea and Japan products no one care about Taiwan product now.

    • 23.5N for sure! Their gel mask are good.

      • hahaha… maybe can go sapu some back.


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