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What I Wore Vol. 6

H&M Polka Dot Dress
I went to a Guardian event recently dressed casually as it was a dull week and the event I assumed will going to be a quick one. I knew there will be lunch served after the event and this dress from H&M is a tight one but since I don’t eat that much, it doesn’t bother me. I thought I was dressed too casual until a few ladies told me I look pretty as soon as I reached the venue. I guess it’s a nice dress afterall, eh?

Here’s a funny story. I had a discount voucher from H&M for registering for their newsletter way before H&M Online came about. They gave me a 20% OFF voucher and it is only to be used for store purchase only. I went to H&M with an intention of picking up a dress, saw this polka dot wrap dress, tried it and I couldn’t decide if I want to get this particular size or one size larger. Reason is, this dress is not stretchable and the only way to get into the dress is from the bottom. My size (the one I’m wearing) looked way nicer but a size larger is more comfortable and easier to get in. I left the store without this dress as I couldn’t decide. Fast forward to 2 weeks later, I found this dress on sale but one size larger. After a few stores visit, I accidentally stumbled upon this dress again. I bought it without much thinking. It’s half the price and it’s my size 😛

I didn’t plan to do OOTD shot but since everyone is doing it and we are having coffee in front of the park, I join in the fun with this don’t-know-what-pose OOTD 😀

Dress: H&M Polka Dot Wrap Dress (RM30, bought on sale. Can’t remember the original price)
Belt: H&M Metal Belt (RM59.90)
Shoe: Crocs Leigh II Ankle Strap Wedge (RM289)
Watch: Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Rose Gold (RM749)


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  • You looked nice in that dress! Good choice Fiona 👍

    • Ahhh thanks!

  • I am currently obsessed with H&M cloth. They always have sales now. I will try my luck during weekend whenever I can. Too bad Bintulu don’t have H&M!! hahaha. Helped me saved a lot money! lol

    • LOL. I was too but now the sale is gone, my obsession also gone hehe. Try Monki. They’re forever on sale too. I’ve also been on Zara, after my friend introduced me to their sale section. Bankrupt faster lol
      There’s a huge H&M at Malacca 😛

      • There are TWO H&M in Malacca!! Can you believe it? hahahaha…
        I love Zara too when I stay in KL. No where to get in Malacca or Bintulu now.
        I walk into Monki in KL once before. So affordable and the fashion are up to date!

        • TWO? I only saw the H&M building opposite Jonker street lol. Ok la. Save money at Bintulu hahahahaa

          • Another 1 at Hatten. Very near too.

          • I didn’t pass by that. Next time I’ll explore! But now no sales. So boring 🙁

  • Gorgeous!
    You look good in anything! Honest!
    I can’t wear tight fitting dresses now, ’cause my top and bottom unproportionate (VERY pear shape) and flabby tums…

    • Eh, you’re more lighter and slimmer than me. Taller too. Proportion for a mother of two is actually pretty good 😉

      • Thanks, Fiona.
        I pandai camouflage here and there. Hahahaha.. Gaining fat at all the wrong places. Need to do more sit ups before bed time :-O

        • I also camouflage haha


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