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I Still Don’t Know How I Feel About The NEW Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion

Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion
You guys know, the Mamonde High Cover Liquid Cushion is my all time favourite cushion foundation. No other cushion beat that. Then Mamonde sent me the entire set of the NEW Brightening Cover Cushion that consists of two variants – Brightening Cover Powder Cushion and Brightening Cover Watery Cushion. So in this new cushion you will get to choose either a dewy finish or a velvet matte finish. Naturally, I’d lean more towards a matte finishing so this review will be based on the Brightening Cover Powder Cushion 😉 . I have high hope on this one!

Brightening Cover Cushion has 4 main features but since there are 2 variants, the features varies but still in the same category. However both of the variants shared the same feature and that is they have Mamonde’s special Brightening Cover™ Complex in it. It is said to enable a skin tone-up created that makes the skin looking “brilliant” while covering imperfections through its phospholipid coating powder in it that is similar to the skin.

Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion Casing

Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion Sticker Protector
Unlike the High Cover Liquid Cushion which has a net and pump feature, this New Brightening Cover Cushion is a typical cushion foundation that you seen or own. It has a sponge which soaked up all the foundation, just like every other cushion. What’s different between the Powder and Watery variant is that they both had different sponge. The Powder cushion has the Even Coverage Sponge™, while the Watery cushion has the Water Pump Sponge™. One promises an even, light coverage with peach flower powder while one promises an effective discharge of product that deeply moisturize and with high coverage.

Now get this, even the puffs are also different! I have not use the Watery cushion so I can’t tell the different. But I can tell you that the Cover Fit Puff from the Powder Cushion is kinda similar to other cushion of its competitor.

Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion Inside
The Mamonde Brightening Cover Powder Cushion is not as high coverage as I like it to be. I always assume the word “powder” or velvet matte has more coverage than the Watery one. Turns out I was wrong. It only gives a very light coverage and doesn’t covers up acne marks. Having said that, it does a good job in evening out the uneven skin tone. If you need to conceal any blemishes, I would suggest to use a concealer thereafter.

It also has a tacky, sticky finishing. Although Mamonde said that there is no need to set it with a powder, I still do apply a layer of finishing powder just to get rid of the stickiness but even though so, it is still tacky after applying powder.

Overall, it has 5 shades in the Brightening Cover Cushion range and available in either pink base or yellow base. I am using shade No.21N Medium Beige and it is unfortunately too light on me. After I apply powder, my face become even more fairer! Whenever I have this cushion foundation on me, my face and body are in two different shade LOL. No.23N Natural Beige would suit me much better.

Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion Before After
I don’t know how I feel about this cushion still despite using it everyday for the past few weeks. It’s like love and hate kinda relationship. First, the finishing is tacky and I’m not a fan. That was far less the issue for me than the fact that my makeup breaks up after a few hours. I wouldn’t say the Brightening Cover Powder Cushion offers a velvet matte finishing as it is definitely looking dewy. Semi-matte, maybe? And my face do get oily after 2 hours or so. If I ignore that and continue my day, my makeup starts to break up and look all patchy. I have been trying so many times to rectify the issue by trying out different primers and different powders and nothing stop the breaking up issue. Now if I know I’d be out the whole day, I wouldn’t dare to have this cushion foundation on me. But if I’m out for a short while say 2-3 hours, I can live with it 😛

This is how Mamonde Brightening Cover Powder Cushion in shade No.21N Medium Beige looks like on me. I have tone down with lots of bronzer so that the shade matches my body haha!

Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion Look


Mamonde Brightening Cover Cushion is available at all Mamonde beauty counters in AEON 1 Utama PJ, Aeon Mid Valley Megamall KL, AEON Bukit Indah JB, AEON Tebrau City JB, AEON Queensbay Mall Penang, Parkson Gurney Plaza Penang & Parkson Suria KLCC.

Price: RM90 / 15g

For more information, please visit Mamonde Malaysia Facebook Page, Mamonde Malaysia Website or Mamonde Korea Website.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I like the High Cover Cushion too, but this doesn’t sound like something that I would want to try because I dislike sticky finish, it makes me feel dirty and uncomfortable. @.@ You did a great job in toning down the shade using bronzer though, looking very natural!

    • I hope it’s more matte than claimed. Quite dewy for a velvet matte cushion claim though. High Cover Cushion has higher coverage. Love it!
      Bronzer always help! haha


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