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Sephora October 2017 Private Sale Haul

Sephora October 2017 Private Sale Haul 1
Wow! I have not done any Sephora haul post since the time Sephora online had a glitch and I managed to score a few items on super low price. Here’s the thing. I have a medium size Sephora at home myself so I really don’t need anything. BUT, when Fenty Beauty was launched, I bought a few items to try and also to patch the hole for the RM593 that I needed to spend in order to keep my Black Card status *&^%^*^$. Yes, that’s me cursing at the nonsense rule. I thought Black Card status is permanent??! The email sent from Sephora was pretty nonsense too, with the title “Don’t Go”. I was like, go? Go where? Then only I know what they meant &%@#^(^%. Yes, I’m cursing again.

After all the unnecessary spending, I am left with RM133 balance needed to spend to keep the Black Card. I have always wanted to go back and pick up the Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Paper Refill (RM40) because I like it a lot. Despite what people say about the Inivisimatte Blotting Paper, I actually like it. The chic packaging with hexagon shape and a mirror on the dispenser are a few of the factors as well. Then, I found out towards the end of September that the private sale will happen on the 5th October. Perfect timing! It make sense for me to purchase the refill since I already have the dispenser. I bought two. I know it seems too much but that will last me probably till the next sale 🙂 . Plus buying one is too little lol.

Sephora October 2017 Private Sale Haul 2
I went back on the last day, which is yesterday to patch the remaining RM69 hole. After some rounding I still didn’t know what to get. I was holding the Mario Badescu (wow, I’m surprised I actually know how to spell this name!) 50th Anniversary Drying Lotion which I put back after I saw this. I remember I’ve been wanting a Foreo for some time. Okay, Foreo was confusing to me. There are so many different types with different price range. With Foreo, you either pay hella expensive one or an affordable one. And with that, it’s either hella big or tiny small. See! It’s damn confusing which to get!

I decided to get the 2nd smallest one Foreo Luna Play Plus (RM235) because I feel that the size is not too small. 2nd smallest means 2nd lowest price LOL and it’s not that cheap. Ouch my wallet 🙁 . When I was paying for this item, the cashier told me there was no warranty for this. Can you imagine how shocked I was and how big my eyes was staring at her? Are you kidding me! No warranty? Only the one with a charger comes with a warranty. Nonsense again! She added that once I pay that’s it. I asked her, what if the item is already spoilt after I open it and I can’t exchange. What law is this? She just looked at me and then before she swipe my card, she ask if I want to check. You hella bet I need to check. Calm down, Fiona. Calm down. This thing better work I tell you.

Sephora October 2017 Private Sale Haul 3

That’s all my haul from the recent Sephora private sale and also my ramblings. As usual lah. Did you buy anything from the sale? 20% is not a lot but because Sephora doesn’t do any sale except for item clearance once in a blue moon, 20% is not that bad especially for expensive item like this Foreo *&%$^&I^%


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  • Nice haul! I just got the bare minimum to keep Black status, too. Luckily I was too busy to shop recently and didn’t have time to browse so I was able to achieve that now with the 20% off. That’s the least Sephora could do – to have the 20% before the Black Card expires. That’s the one thing they did right this time.
    I also went back in to my account to review my purchase history from the good ol’ days when Sephora was actually Luxola and you know what, the prices were a dream – EVERYTHING was so cheap it was practically free lol. I got so much for only RM100 spend back then! The current prices make me sick so I’ve had to really think hard about what to buy based on whether I’d actually use it *sigh*

    • Small haul this time. If it’s not because of the RM133 balance I need to spend to keep the card I won’t buy at all. Thought of letting it go but since I’ve spend 500ish on Fenty Beauty I might as well spend a little more. Sigh. Yes, they did something right this time, right before everyone’s card expires is to help them spend lol.
      I feel you on Luxola days. I miss that a lot. The prices now in Sephora is a horror. Everywhere I turn its RM100++, RM200++. Horror lol. I only buy the necessities now. Mini Sephora turned medium size recently. Can’t afford to make it big haha

      • Haha I like how you call your stash your Medium Sephora lol
        I seriously couldn’t believe how cheap things used to be compared to how they are now. Can you hear my heart breaking from your side of town?!

        I bought exactly RM140 to cover my Rm135 Black Card membership balance. Done. Was tempted to go to the store physically but stood outside and was horrified by the crowd. Just as well – impulse shopping risk averted!

        • Lol. It has grew from mini to medium! 😛
          Next year we need to spend more than RM900 to keep the black card membership refreshed again 🙁

          Oh you know what I did at Sephora Sunway Pyramid? I took a peek at the main entrance for the cashier. I saw there’s like 2-3 person queuing, I dashed to grab the Fenty Beauty and dash through the crowd to cashier counter LOL. The first time I went the queue as like a snake line.

          • Omg it’s an annual thing to preserve membership? That’s horrible. I give up. Not even worth it as I have nothing to buy that I probably can’t get anywhere else. Seriously paring down my beauty needs from now on.
            Can’t believe the queues. Where are these people getting so much money to shop like it’s free?!

          • Unfortunately it is an annual thing. I won’t bother next year as I don’t have much to buy anyway.
            Those people are rich kid with rich parents haha 😀

  • Oh the blotting paper is good? From most of the reviews I read, the reviewers do not like it and you’re the first blogger who said that it’s good. I need to check the blotting paper out tonight! 😀

    • It’s good! It doesn’t disturb the foundation and it does a good job too. One Youtuber said it’s Made in Japan and you know the Japs are good with all these paper thing lol. So I double checked and it is indeed made in Japan. Bought it, love it! Trying hard not to use that much lol.
      Most people don’t like it because you need to open the cap, pull the paper then only can tear it. And tearing the paper also need some skill. One wrong tear and the paper goes wonky side way. But I don’t mind it all as long as the paper itself is good 😀

      • Yes I just checked it out at Sephora, it’s not easy to tear the paper! I feel so cacat when trying to tear it off, I just can’t do it nicely lol. The Sephora BA taught me the right way to tear after she saw me struggling at the counter *embarrassing* I like the blotting paper too! Like what you mentioned, it doesn’t pick up my foundation like what most of the other blotting paper will do.

        Thanks for the recommendation!

        • Glad I could help! Sometimes I also tear it off cacatly. Don’t really matter to me. It will be going to the rubbish bin in 2 seconds LOL.


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