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What I Wore Vol. 8

What I Wore Vol. 8
This outfit (except for the denim jacket) is probably the most asked about. I wore it for my Gaston Luga Pråper backpack photos and I didn’t expect the outcome to be this interesting.

The main star of the outfit is definitely the colorful shinny spaghetti top from Zara Trafaluc Spring/Summer 2017 collection. I knew this type of top is not everybody’s taste but it caught my eyes and I love it. Bought it in a single heart beat 🙂

Gaston Luga Praper Fiona
This piece is extremely fragile. The entire top can be rip off easily so wearing it out definitely gives me a lot of stress LOL. It is 100% transparent and thin so I don’t think it is meant to be worn as it is. I like to call it a “T-shirt topper” as this was what goes through my mind when I saw it. I was right. It goes beautifully over a plain white body fitting T-shirt. The same top combination can be worn over jeans, skinny jeans, a plain tights, short skirt, tight fitting pencil skirt, jeans skirt or shorts even. Literally anything at all.

Jacket: H&M Denim Jacket (RM99.90)
T-Shirt: Uniqlo Supima (RM39.90)

Spaghetti Top: Zara Trafaluc Spring/Summer 2017 (RM99.90)
Jeans Skirt: Max Fashion (RM79.90)
Heels: Billini Twiggy (RM79.90 after discount)
Backpack: Gaston Luga Pråper (RM949, RM645.32 after 20% tax deduction and 15% “fionastreetlove” code deduction)
Watch: Daniel Wellington Classic Bristol Rose Gold (RM749)


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  • Lovely combo from top to toe!

    • Aww thanks hehe 🙂 . My favourite combo so far!

  • The spaghetti top is just like galaxy!! The jacket is from H&M right? hehe

    • Hehe it is! So shinny. Oppss! Left the jacket info 😛


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