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What I Wore Vol. 9

What I Wore Vol. 9
This one is not so much of what I wore recently but more like what’s on my face. Oh by the way, I may start a new series of What I Wore – Face Edition 😛 . Let me know if you’re interested with that. It’s mainly on makeup used on my face lah.

Before I start with the fashion part of this, I wanna talk to you about the makeup. You must be wondering if there’s any makeup on my face. I wonder too LOL. You see, I’m very much into the American style makeup as you already are aware based on my heavy Instagram photos. I like the warm crease type of eye makeup with a winged eyeliner, contoured, bronzed and highligted face, as well as matte lipstick. That’s my style of makeup, regardless to events or everyday look. Then, everybody else I know are into Korean and Japanese style of makeup. You know, the type of makeup that is so sheer that it’s only noticeable when you’re 10cm away from their face. These are the type of makeup that doesn’t shows up on photos and these are the type of makeup I avoid. So one day I took out the Etude House Fantastic Color Eyes in #Strawberry Mojito palette. It has peach, pink, and green in the palette so I thought I should explore “out of my comfort zone” so-called. It looked absolutely beautiful on the eyes with all the blingy shimmers. But on photo? NOTHING. Just like the photo you see above. I do have tons of eye makeup on trust me lol 😛 . The thing is, I’ve been wearing the same palette for a few days and I didn’t even realized how sheer it is. I should have known better. I have always known actually. Nope. Korean or Japanese makeup is really not for me. Lesson learned.

As for what I wore, it was to the Anna Sui X Guardian event at Troika. Beautiful venue. The only issue was, I’m not in the mood as I know it’s a quick and easy event. I have a small collection of see-through lace top. I love anything lace. I would so want to wear my heels but I was told there’s quite some walking to do to get to the venue. Luckily I wore my comfy Crocs wedges. There’s a lot of stairs to go through haha!!

Lace Top: H&M (can’t remember the price)
Bodysuit: Cotton On Lace Bodysuit (can’t remember the price either)
Skirt: Monki (RM80)
Shoe: Crocs Leigh II Ankle Strap Wedge (RM289)


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  • Yes I want to read your post on Face edition as well 😀

    • Coming soon 🙂


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