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In The Media: Malay Mail 26th March 2016 Interview on Selfie

Malay Mail No Pain No Gain Selfie Interview March 2016

Malay Mail Special Report: Dying For Selfies
A few days ago Sabrina B from Malay Mail asked if she could interview me for her special report on selfies. She said it is one of my forte. And I’m like…me? Selfie? My forte? *shock face*. It has been a while since I appeared in any media coverage 😛 . Today, I am on Malay Mail page 7! A half page mention with a full blown photo of me doing the jumping-for-joy shot.

My battle with depression, how it happened and the road to recovery


2015, what a year for me.
As usual at this time of the year end, everyone in the blogosphere will be reflecting their life for the past one year, resolution for the next year as well as what they hope or expect for the following year. My last year in review was 2013. I wanted to do one for 2014 but I was not inspired to reveal my 2014 so I skipped it. Just yesterday I had the sudden thoughts to tell you all about my 2015. It has been a challenging year for me.

In The Media: DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet 2013

DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet 1

Remember the review I did for DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and DHC Mild Soap back in July 2013? The story on how this mini appearance in the product booklet begin when I met up with the brand people from Watsons (exclusive retailer for DHC in Malaysia), where she handed me a bottle of Deep Cleansing Oil and a bar of Mild Soap to try and for review. Then came a small request to provide a testimonial for their upcoming DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet.

It was a rush project.

2013 At It’s Best – Reflecting Back At The Past One Year

2013 At It's Best 1

Instead of naming this post at “Best of 2013” I’ve decided to named it as 2013 At It’s Best 😀 . I like to be slightly different from everybody else. Afterall, everyone else will be posting up their Best of 2013 and looking forward to entering 2014.
It took me quite a while trying to go back time and recall what is my best time, advise, decision, purchase, discovery, event and so on. The list below will be events that I would want to remember.