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The Thick and Fluffy but Incredibly Durable ALBION Facial Cotton – L [Soft]

Albion Facial Cotton L 1
I have a soft spot for facial cotton. Good, huge, fluffy and soft facial cotton. I used to buy RMK one a lot until I discovered this ALBION Japan Facial Cotton – L [Soft]. Goodbye RMK, Hello ALBION!

I went for the official launch of ALBION last year and went home with their iconic Skin Conditioner Essential along with other product. Then a few days later the product manager kindly mailed over a pack of ALBION Facial Cotton – L [Soft] because I was told I could benefit the full effect of using Skin Conditioner Essential with the facial cotton. I finished the whole pack and I have bought another one since 🙂 . It is only these few days I restarted the ALBION 2-step skin toning, and hence restarted using this ALBION Facial Cotton – L [Soft]. Yes, I stopped this routine a few months ago to try other products. Then I remembered how much I love this facial cotton and the ALBION products.

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From Tokyo to Malaysia, ALBION Now Available at Isetan KLCC

Albion Isetan KLCC 1
ALBION, one of the most traditional and well-known skincare brand from Tokyo Japan landed in Malaysia last month with the official launch of the brand and its first beauty counter at Isetan KLCC. Interestingly, when I found out months ago that ALBION will be launching soon in Malaysia, I have no idea the brand was THIS HUGE. And shockingly, ALBION is known by everyone I know, even friends who are ignorant with the beauty industry knew about ALBION. How is that possible??!! Beats me lol 😀