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The NEW ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta now comes with enhanced moisturizing function and a new sophisticated jar design

Fans of ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta would be happy to know that the brand’s best-selling product now comes with improved formula and a newly designed jar.

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FUJIFILM Malaysia, who carries the brand ASTALIFT recently launched the latest version of ASTALIFT Jelly Aquarysta. The brand first made its appearance in 2012 and Jelly Aquarysta has become the epitome of ASTALIFT. Not just in Malaysia but worldwide.

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All-NEW ASTALIFT White: Renamed, an enhanced version of existing whitening skincare series and infused with new ingredient

Not many know that ASTALIFT is actually a Japanese award-winning anti-aging skincare brand by FUJIFILM. Yes, FUJIFILM the multinational photography and imaging company! You know Instax? The polaroid camera that everyone has been crazy about? That’s by FUJIFILM.

I’m not into the whole polaroid craze so my only memory towards ASTALIFT has always been their anti-aging skin care range. And actually I get to know ASTALIFT long before they were even in Malaysia. From Singapore to be precise 🙂 . I subscribed for Vanity Trove March 2012 box and that’s how I get to try ASTALIFT. Now, two years later ASTALIFT is replacing and renaming it’s whitening skin care range to ASTALIFT White with the launch of it’s new whitening skin care products.

ASTALIFT White, as the name suggest is a whitening skin care series aiming to help women in their 20s to 40s in fighting age spots and dull complexion. Besides changing the formula and renamed, this series is also enriched with a new brightening ingredient – Nano AMA. Combined with other effective whitening ingredients such as Arbutin, Vitamin C, three other types of collagen to deliver the feel of firmer skin and let’s not forget about ASTALIFT’s signature ingredient – Astaxanthin. It is considered as nature’s most powerful super antioxidants and whitening capabilities to help inhibit melanin production in the skin. ASTALIFT White is able to produce an advanced whitening effects that inhibit melanin production in the skin while achieving a more brighter and translucent complexion at the same time.

Astalift Origins Women's Weekly Magazine

Redemption from Malaysian Women’s Weekly May 2012 Issue

On this month’s (May 2012) issue of Malaysian Women’s Weekly magazine, there’s 2 redemption available which is Astalift; a new skin care series from Japan and Origins!

I made my redemption yesterday 🙂

First up. Astalift! You probably saw Astalift making it’s debut in Street Love end of March when the March Vanity Trove that I got is all on Astalift. Well Astalift is now available in Malaysia. Just buy the May issue of MWW, tear out the card sheet, fill your details at the back and redeem. I redeemed mine at Jusco Mid Valley.