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Bag of Love Beauty Box Review

Bag Of Love “Necessities” July/August 2014 Edition Review

To be honest I kinda miss the time where there is two handful of beauty box subscription service. Sadly the hype died down after just over a year of chaos. There is one that still stood strong. It is none other than Bag Of Love. Despite changing its monthly subscription service to bi-monthly, Bag Of Love is here to stay for sure.

Here is the content for Bag Of Love “Necessities” July/August 2014 Edition for you to salivate for a while before we get into details on the products included in the bag 😀

Bag Of Love Necessities 1
If you recall back in November 2013, I went all out and purchase four sets of Bag Of Love “Go, Girl, Go!” November 2013 Edition because I found out the content by accident. I was expecting something from Levi’s but never thought it’s a cute little denim tote bag. So when the hint for July/August bag was disclosed in the Facebook, I knew Levi’s is on board. Again, never in my mind would I expect ANOTHER Levi’s tote bag! This time the tote is a canvas beige bag. The material is harder and thicker than the denim version. I did hesitate a bit in subscribing as it’s in beige but I’m more into the content this time round and it’s only RM39.90 so I got myself one.

Bag of Love Beauty Box Review

Bag Of Love “Stay Beautiful and Read On” March/April 2014 Edition Review

Oh wow. It’s been a while since I last subscribed for any Bag Of Love. My last subscription is still my favourite bag of all, which is the Bag Of Love “Go, Girl, Go!” November 2013 Edition. I tried stopping myself from beauty box but failed badly but at that time I’ve determined so I stopped all beauty box/bag simultaneously as I was running out of space to store all the samples. Even though so I still follow Bag Of Love Facebook page closely (just in case I like the teaser). And I did!

Bag Of Love “Stay Beautiful and Read On” March/April 2014 Edition is Bag Of Love’s first bi-monthly subscription bag. They have decided to take things slow and changed the usual monthly subscription to bi-monthly. What this mean is you will no longer be able to subscribe for their bag monthly. This doesn’t impact me a bit as I don’t subscribe that much.

Bag Of Love Stay Beautiful and Read On 1
This edition’s bag/pouch is a huge one. According to MiMi the owner you can even fit books in it. I suppose you can judging from the size. However I’m still not a fan of pouches and bags. Up till today my favourite is still the denim Levi’s tote bag.

Bag of Love Beauty Box Review

Bag Of Love “Go, Girl, Go!” November 2013 Edition Review

Last month I posted up a teaser on November edition but the teaser really is a teaser that didn’t have any content hint at all 😛 . As much as I want to shout to the world on the content but I couldn’t so I can only said that I subscribed for four bags and IT’S REALLY GOOD. The theory is really simple actually. If you’ve been following me from time to time you’ll know that I don’t really subscribe to beauty box at the moment due to space issue but if I said I bought four of the same beauty bag, what could this mean? 😉 I guess the teaser worked because MiMi told me there are subscribers that subscribed for four as well after reading my blog post. Ahhh not bad eh?

I was kinda in a whole lots of critical issue to solve lately that I don’t even realise it’s the end of the month already. With the blink of an eye, all four of my Bag Of Love “Go, Girl, Go!” November 2013 Edition arrived in a huge parcel from Taq-Q-Bin.

Bag Of Love Go Girl Go 1
I don’t usually talk about the pouches and bags from Bag Of Love because I’m not fond of it but this one I have to. This is one of the two reasons why I subscribed for four Bag Of Love “Go, Girl, Go!” November 2013 Edition. I personally have double check with MiMi after I subscribe but the bag was not confirmed yet by Levi’s. But it doesn’t matter. It’s good to get a Levi’s but if the deal doesn’t come along, there’s always next time.

Bag of Love Beauty Box Review

Bag Of Love “Say Boo!” October 2013 Edition Review

Ahhh Bag Of Love. It is one of the most talked about beauty box bag subscription service locally here in Malaysia. It is also one of the subscription service that has been keeping up month by month since the beauty bag started it’s operation back in March 2013.

If you are a Bag Of Love regular subscriber or follower, you are well aware that their unique selling point is that they don’t use boxes to send out their beauty samples. Instead they came out with different type and design of pouch every month, thus creating some sort of cult follower. While I may not be a person that like to collect pouches however I am amazed with Bag of Love’s pouch design every single month. Since October bag coincide with Halloween Day, Bag Of Love took this opportunity to came out with a Halloween theme beauty bag.

Bag Of Love Say Boo 1
There are 3-full size product included in Bag Of Love “Say Boo!” October 2013 Edition. The full size product that got everyone screaming their lungs out at is the Full Size Nanowhite Infinity Color Correction Cream SPF50 PA+++ 30ml worth RM49.90. Not me :). I admit that I do have a soft spot for CC Cream but this will be the second reason on why I subscribed for this bag. BB Cream and I don’t get along very well but not CC Cream. It fares well on my oily skin so I would light up whenever I see CC Cream. The shade that I was given is Natural Beige. Judging from the shade’s name I suppose it will match to my skin but I would prefer Light Beige as I like my base makeup to be a shade or two lighter. The oil secretion by mid day will definitely oxidize the shade to darker shade. Will see how this is for me 😉

Bag of Love Beauty Box Review

Bag Of Love “Take Me There” September 2013 Edition Review

As far as I know, many of you are a regular of Bag Of Love. Some are regular subscribers, some are hard core fans and some are avid beauty box/bag subscribers. Me on the other hand is based on the mood and content. I’m a “touch and go” subscriber 😀

I know too that many Bag Of Love subscribers subscribe after seeing the bag design. Usually I don’t. I’ll just wait for the content sneak peek. I’m not into pouches although I do admit the pouch design is nice especially this Bag Of Love “Take Me There” September 2013 Edition.

Bag Of Love Take Me There1
I’ve seen perfume miniature but very rarely do I get to see a rollerball perfume. Usually I keep a perfume vial in my wallet and I’m running out of vial. When I found out that I’m getting this in Bag Of Love “Take Me There” September 2013 Edition, I was beyond happy 😀