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BeauBox Beauty Box Review

BeauBox “Luxe Flora” January 2014 Edition Review

There are two things I never expect this week – January 2014 box from BeauBox and courier delivery on Thaipusam Day. The matter of fact, BeauBox “Luxe Flora” January 2014 Edition was sent out on the 9th January but somehow my parcel was stuck with the courier company again. But I was so busy lately that I lost track of this box until the courier company called me on Thaipusam Day morning.

It was surely good to see the cute pink BeauBox box again 🙂

BeauBox Luxe Flora 1
First and foremost, I really like how BeauBox take all the necessary precaution step to protect the box from inside out, top to bottom and on the product. The overall box is bubble wrapped with a double-layer bubble wrapper. Double-layer means it’s thicker and more protective than the normal single layer bubble wrapper. Then on the inside when I open up the lid, I saw two pieces of bubble wrapper folded in half that was placed right on top of the product. Means there’s four layers of double-layer bubble wrapper there 😀 . I too found bubble wrapper on the bottom of the product. I must say that’s one excellent protection there. I’m already amazed even before I see the content.

BeauBox Beauty Box Review Event

BeauBox Enter Malaysia Beauty Box Market with the Launch of it’s Debut Box “Bare Beauty”

With a handful beauty box subscription services available here in Malaysia, one would think it’s a crazy decision to launch another beauty box into the market especially after bidding farewell to three beauty box namely Fabulous Finds, BBF and the most recent one would be CosmoBox. Not to say it’s totally cray cray to launch one now. To me the identity and direction of each beauty box is what makes the difference between each box.

A few days ago I found out that there will be a new beauty box make available in Malaysia which was targeted to launch on 11th November 2013, which was yesterday by the way :D. BeauBox is armed and set to be the world’s 1st full sized beauty subscription box that promises a minimum of 4 full-size products monthly. Let me tempt you further with first hand info on this new exciting beauty box 😀

BeauBox Bare Beauty 1
“Beau” is a French word for Beautiful. It also mean Beauty in short so BeauBox simply mean Beauty Box. If you read a similar sentence elsewhere means someone copied my idea. Let me tell you why. All along I know Beau in French means beautiful and I double confirm that with google. But Beau doesn’t mean beauty, according to google dictionary on multiple sources. I figure out myself that Beauty is the short for Beautiful in order for me to link the word BeauBox to Beauty Box so there’s no way other people can figure out that beauty is also the meaning of Beau ;). It’s not close!

BeauBox is not only the world’s first beauty box in the world that promises a minimum of 4 full-size products but it is also the first beauty box that named it’s box Beauty Box, but in a chic way.