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Affordable Acrylic Makeup Organizer at Yubiso

Yubiso 1
If you are crazy about Daiso, there are a high chances you had already stumbled upon similar store like Miniso and Yubiso. I first came across Yubiso but was not impressed with what they had. Having said that, I absolutely love the selfie stick I bought from them a few months ago lol. Miniso on another hand caught my attention mainly due to the fact that they carry the “dupe” version of Real Techniques makeup brushes at an affordable price.

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Muji Acrylic 5 Drawer Box & Acrylic 3 Drawer Unit: Useful for small nitty-gritty, doesn’t store a lot of bigger stuff

When Muji came around, everyone went crazy over their acrylic especially the drawer box. Beauty enthusiasts all over the world raved about it and I’m sure you can find millions of review, blog, video and organization tips photos of it on the net. Me on the other hand was feeling meh over their acrylic box. I’m not liking the fact that it is clear and you can see everything from the outside. Plus I’m not keen with all the finger prints or makeup residue prints on these clear box.

As you know, I’m kinda into glassware at the moment (yes still) so naturally I’m attracted to clear makeup organizer. One day, one of my long time reader Tiffany Tai PM-ed me on Facebook saying ‘found something, I think you will like it’ together with Muji Acrylic 5 Drawer Box and Acrylic 3 Drawer Unit photo, I thought she was just telling me that Muji has makeup organizer. But when she told me there is a 30% sale for both of it, I wanted to dash to Muji right away.

Muji Acrylic Drawer Box
I couldn’t remember how big or wide the Muji Acrylic Drawer Box is so I didn’t set any target to purchase it immediately. When I saw the size, I was relieved that it is quite huge but the drawer height is not as deep as I think it would be. Just 2.5cm. I took my time browsing, comparing and gave it a deep thought if I could ever fit my eyeshadow palettes in it. That’s what I needed it for.

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Metal mirrored vanity tray for the ever growing collection of fragrances

I was in the dilemma if I should talk about this now or I should put it in my September Favourites. As you already know my monthly favourites will not have any item that I’ve mentioned before in the blog. After a whirlwind search on the perfect tray for my perfume collection, I thought this tray deserve it’s own standalone shoutout 😀 .

The idea came when Paris B of MyWomenStuff posted a question on her Instagram asking if we store perfumes in boxes or display the pretty bottles. I’ve always been the one who keep all perfume in it’s original box because I wouldn’t want to display it out and clean the dust off all the time. I keep all the perfume behind my vanity table’s sliding mirror compartment and I will only take one bottle out to use on a weekly basis. This organisation has been working out fine for me. Well, that was before I reshuffled all the furniture in my room and now my bed frame is blocking the sliding mirror making it a challenge for me to take my perfume out.

Fragrance Tray 1
Initially what I pictured in my mind would be a cake platter/stand/tray or whatever you call it. In my mind I’ve always wanted a white flat top cake stand within the RM30 budget. If searching for the white one is near impossible, I can do floral on white surface and if that too is impossible to find, I can make peace with clear stand. You are seeing this means I wasn’t able to find any of those and then I had my heart on this metal mirrored vanity tray while on the hunt for what I initially wanted.

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Vanity Table Beauty Organizer: DIY Cosmetic Box

I get to know about this DIY Cosmetic Box from my friend’s Facebook. His wife posted a photo of him installing the cosmetic box for her and the moment I saw it, I WANT IT. I don’t need it but I thought it’s cute. Isn’t it a cutie?

DIY Cosmetic Box 1
There are three colors to choose from – Pink, Red and Multicolor. I ordered the color Pink but it turns out like the Red from the seller’s Facebook page. Seller told me that this is the pink and the red would be red hot chilli pepper type of red. Anyhow the color is quite nice so no complain here.

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Tips: How To Get Through Your Beauty Stash On A Faster Rate

Are you like me, hauling everything you see or read because it intrigues you? Seeing a good deal online *cough Luxola cough* that you just couldn’t resist? Or are you buying backups of your favourite just in case the brand decided to discontinue it one day? Guilty, guilty and guilty of that 😀

Today I’m going to share with you how I used up my beauty stash, not just using it up but getting through it on a faster rate. This is not something new. It’s just that we sometimes forget about the simplest way and that is using it. It is so easy that anyone can do it at home.

Tips How To Get Through Your Beauty Stash Fast 1

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A Peep into My Beauty Storage + A New Beauty Organizer Purchase

As fast as I get bored with using the same product, I get bored with how I store my beauty products as well. Truth be told, I spring clean my room once a month and rearrange all my beauty products every quarter. Usually everything is not in it’s original placement by the first month and by the time I hit the third month, I have stuff on my work table, on the floor next to my chair, next to the vanity table and so on. Time for another rearrangement again. Just in time as the rotating organizer I begged a friend to bring back from oversea arrived.

Here’s my latest and most exciting purchase. I’m not even a bit less excited just because it’s an inspired version as my friend said the original version ran out of stock in the US and this is the best she can get for me. Oh well, cheaper and it works so why not 😀

Beauty Storage 1
First, let’s take a peep into my vanity table. I wish I’m into beauty when I’m younger so that I can plan for a bigger space. When I’m younger I’m married to my job so my work table is bigger and complete with all the office essentials. I also clean my work space frequently while ignoring my vanity table, because I wasn’t into beauty that much.