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More Prune Power with BRAND’S InnerShine® Prune Plus

Hati ke Hati Bersama Maya Karin

I was given the opportunity to attend BRAND’S InnerShine® Prune Plus media event on Tuesday and it’s also a special upclose and personal event with InnerShine Ambassador; Maya Karin.

There was a slight delayed in the event start time not because Maya Karin was late but she was being interviewed by the press. In fact she was already there when I arrived by 2.45pm.

Maya Karin walked in looking stunningly beautiful as always. Accompanying her by her side is Ms. Carmen Liew, Marketing Manager of Cerebos Malaysia.

Maya was requested to sang us a song or two but we only have time for a song. Guess what song she chose? She sang Change The World which I think originally was sang by Eric Clapton?