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CANMAKE unveiled latest makeup trends with Glossy & Shiny and Color Coordination theme

Canmake 30th Anniversary
CANMAKE, the one and only Japanese cosmetic brand that I’m using celebrated its grand 30th anniversary last weekend at Beauty Expo and unveiled the latest range of face, eye, cheek, and lip colours.

The theme Glossy & Shiny for the party season gave a natural, light, translucent looking skin with dewy glow is the centre stage of this look. Complement the look with glossy lips to accentuate natural lip colour. Another trend that is currently popular in Japan is Color Coordinate. This look is all about coordinating the lips and cheeks using the same colour. Seal the look with gel blusher blended high on the cheek, just below the eyes for the oriental doll look.

Canmake Make Up - Lips Review: Make Up

CANMAKE Just For Me Essence Rouge: A soft pink coral lipstick that doesn’t make me look washed out

Who doesn’t love pretty princessy packaging? I do. Pretty? Sold. Princessy? Sold! sold! Canmake had quite a busy year as they launched a few new products earlier this year. Among the few new products launched in May is this CANMAKE Just For Me Essence Rouge lipstick.

Canmake Just For Me Essence Rouge
After all the oohhss and ahhhss on the pretty packaging, the first thing I was eager to find out is the shade I got. However, knowing Canmake, I knew Canmake shades would be on the girly girl side, which is literally right down my alley so I wasn’t worried that I was sent a nude shade 😛

Canmake Make Up - Eyes Review: Make Up

CANMAKE Flaring Curl Mascara: Zero volume brown that is virtually deep black mascara for the modern, natural sophisticated look

I haven’t been talking about CANMAKE for quite some time now but I’m back! 😀 . CANMAKE makes the most prettiest makeup products. If you are a sucker for pretty makeup, you’ll be up for what CANMAKE has to offer. Just last month CANMAKE launched Flaring Curl Mascara, a rather interesting new mascara. Why do I say so? You’ll about to find out 🙂

Canmake Flaring Curl Mascara
The outer box packaging for the new CANMAKE Flaring Curl Mascara is the prettiest I’ve seen recently and I’ve no idea what was written all over the box front and back as I can’t read Japanese 😛 . I had totally forgotten to snap a photo but hey, we are here for the real thing. The ‘interesting’ mascara, not the box 😛 so let’s get to it.

Canmake Make Up - Face Review: Make Up

Review: Natural-Looking Flushed Cheeks with Canmake Cream Cheek

Powder blushes is undeniably the most common and easiest to work with type of blush available in the market. Personally I would choose powder blush over any type of texture. I didn’t say this because I am a cream blushes virgin. I’m not :). I’ve won one from a reputable brand before. I’m not sure if it’s me or it’s the blush texture but that one failed on me. The cream was so dry that it is almost impossible to apply on the cheeks.

I’ve since waved a white flag on cream blushes and only uses powder blushes. Now, now. It is undeniably as well that there is one particular brand that came out with cream blushes and it is quite a hit I must say. What? You’ve not heard about Canmake Cream Cheek before? Good then. Let me briefly tell you about this cute lil pot.

Canmake Cream Cheek1
I’ve seen a few types of cream blushes. This one by Canmake is a melting-gel type that comes in a clear, plastic pan. The claim on what this blush give is as sweet as the candy. Canmake said that by wearing this Cream Cheek, you are creating a complexion that exudes health from deep within the skin. It simply means that your cheek will looked like a naturally flushed cheek therefore resembling a fountain of happiness. You know how some people are born with good, fair skin that their cheeks are flushing all the time? Yeah that’s what it meant. I wasn’t exaggerating. Try looking at Canmake website 😀

Canmake Make Up - Face Review: Make Up

Review: Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder #Matte Beige Ochre – Ideal Skin Color Match, Brighten & Gives Flawless Finishing

For the past 10 years, I have been using 2-way foundation powder. It was good enough for me that time but later on I find that the foundation slipped off by evening. By then you can see all the acne marks on my face oppss! Not a good sight I would say :D. Later on I was on Skin79 BB Cream for a brief while before I ditch it and went back to the trusty 2-way foundation. And of course after I started all this beauty craze I discovered that I kinda like liquid foundation and has been on it since :D. I have this cakey foundation issue which I’ll talk about that another time. Long story short, while I was testing out various base makeup to prevent cakey foundation…I took out this pretty Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder #Matte Beige Ochre from my stash to use. I never look back since 😀

Before I start this review, let me update you a bit on my current skin condition. I think my skin has reached it’s optimal stage whereas I no longer can layer too much skin care and I also apply lesser base makeup (liquid foundation & powder) nowadays. Acne marks on my face is also less visible so I no longer apply concealer too 🙂


Canmake Make Up - Eyes Review: Make Up

Review: CANMAKE Eyeshadow Base; The Good, The Bad but Not Quite There Yet

Of all products that I received recently from CANMAKE event I am particularly interested with the Eyeshadow Base. I had my mind set to do a review and so here it is 🙂

The on-the-spot demonstration blows my mind. I was shown how intensive eyeshadow color is with the use of this base. So I guess it is up to me to test the base for longevity eh?

CANMAKE claims:
● This creamy base will provide just the right amount of coverage in a color that will blend in well with your skin, enhancing the color and translucence of your eyeshadow.
● Harmonizes with your powder eyeshadow to enhance the pearl effect and improve the color.
Improves the adhesion of your powder eyeshadow to your skin, making it last longer.