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Lifestyle Sunday: Carlo Rino Spring Into Summer Dreams with the launch of their Spring/Summer 2014 Collection

Last Sunday afternoon, I find myself to be seated at Carlo Rino “Spring Into Summer Dreams” runway show held at Pavilion Pitstop. This is the fifth year Pavilion Kuala Lumpur held the yearly Pavilion Pitstop in conjunction with the 2014 Grand Prix season. I wasn’t at last year Carlo Rino show but this year, I drag my lazy bum out of the house, met up a few friends at the show and had loads of fun!

Carlo Rino Spring Into Summer Dreams 1
Before I start, I must apologise in advance for some of the blurry photo. It is not easy to catch these fast moving models. At. All. None the less I managed to captured every single model shot from the beginning of the show till the end 😉