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What You Didn’t Know About CATRICE Malaysia

What You Didn't Know About Catrice Malaysia
Ahhh CATRICE. Whenever I am at Guardian I make sure I walk straight to CATRICE first thing as soon as I entered the store to check out what’s new. Sometimes I drove all the way just to check out CATRICE. The eagerness to find their latest new release has been an obsession. Being a CATRICE fan, I thought I knew it all! It is only recently I learnt even more about this favourite brand of mine. Some of you might already know this. To those who don’t, here is What You Didn’t Know About CATRICE Malaysia. Nothing fishy at all, don’t worry 😀

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This Is What Happened When I Finally Take Out CATRICE Ultimate Nail Lacquer To Good Use

Catrice Ultimate Nail Lacquer 1
Two weeks ago I wanted to paint my nails after what seems to be forever since I last painted them. I used to be very diligent in making sure I have colors on my nails but over the past few months I just did not have the time. And I was enjoying the bare nails look. However I started to missed my funky accent nail-do and I did not want to use the same ol’ nail polish I had so I went on a stash shopping looking for new nail polishes. As luck was on my side I found a few brand new nail polishes sitting in the drawer. I have three new CATRICE nail polishes but the CATRICE Ultimate Nail Lacquer wow-ed me and I cannot stop using them!


Top 5 Catrice Products You Should Try

Top 5 Catrice Products You Should Try 1
Now. Everyone know how much I love the brand Catrice, which is only available at Guardian pharmacy. I am constantly on the lookout for their latest products whenever I am at a shopping mall because all their launches are kinda a surprise one. Today the shelf looks like yesterday but the next day boom! Something new 😀 . And when Guardian is having 30% OFF on all cosmetics, you go nuts stocking up on all Catrice makeup products.

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CATRICE All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder: My absolute favourite setting powder of the whole wide world

I cannot believe I have not tell you about my absolute favourite setting powder of the whole wide world and it is super affordable too!

I go through setting powder very fast. And I own a lot at the same time, rotating each of it everyday so that I could used them up on faster rate in order to buy new one. Recently I find it very hard for me to use other powder than CATRICE All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder. To be honest, I still cannot find anything that gives me the same finishing and coverage as this CATRICE one.

Catrice All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder 1
I like my base product to give me a matte finishing. Everything have to be matte as usually I would be out the whole day so I need to ensure my face stays oil-free for the rest of the day. Of all matte settting / finishing powder I have tried, so far the best is still CATRICE All Matt Plus Shine Control Powder.

CATRICE Event News

CATRICE is now officially launched in Malaysia and preview of Limited Edition Kaviar Gauche, Travel De Luxe & Fall/Winter 2015 Collection

You guys know HOW MUCH I love CATRICE right? I think I was the first few to spot and hauled CATRICE earlier this February 2015 and I’m glad majority of you did the same too! 😀 . Why I love CATRICE? Simple. They are good, suits my skin, and the price is extremely affordable. Notice the word extremely? It is true.

Just last week, CATRICE Malaysia held it’s official media launch event and the preview of their Limited Edition Kaviar Gauche for CATRICE, Travel De Luxe by CATRICE, and Fall / Winter 2015 collection.

Catrice Kaviar Gauche and Travel De Luxe

Budget - Make Up Budget Buy CATRICE Make Up - Eyes Review: Make Up

CATRICE Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette: A hit and miss budget-friendly rose-nude palette

CATRICE is my most favourite drugstore brand. Most of the products are below RM20 and some are not even over RM30. When it’s on sale at Guardian, everything is from less than RM10 to less than RM20. Super affordable and good.

A few months ago, CATRICE brought in a few new Absolute eyeshadow palette namely Absolute Rose, Absolute Bright, and Absolute Matt (this one I’m not sure). Within the Absolute family, I am more attracted to the rose-nude shades of Absolute Rose as it reminds me of Urban Decay Naked 3 😀 . I have been tracking Absolute Rose palette down for a while and later on spotted them on 30% discount a month ago at Guardian KLCC.

Catrice Absolute Rose Eyeshadow Palette
The palette is originally priced at RM26.90. Even without discount, it is still a pretty decent and affordable eyeshadow palette to get. I wouldn’t worry if I’m you. CATRICE products are constantly on sale, either 15% OFF or 30% OFF (sometimes) so don’t worry if you’d miss out the sale. I just happened to bumped into some crazy sale happening at Guardian where all cosmetics are on 30% discount. In the end, I only paid RM18.85 for this. Score!