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Clean & Clear Deep Action Cleanser

I use cleanser more and faster than other skincare. Which is good as I could try different cleanser till I found a really good one.

I stumble upon this at Watsons last weekend (yes I do shop at Watsons almost everyday lol) and I decided to give it a try after reading that the new range is good. I don’t remember how much is this but I think it is retailing at RM10.80 after discount.

I like the protective seal on this cleanser assuring me that this is unopened.

As I was paying at the cashier counter, I can’t help but to notice lots of this sample size Clean & Clear cleanser which is the same that I was paying at that time behind the cashier. I asked the cashier if that is for free or for purchase. I think the cashier is new so she asked a guy next to her and he immediately scan the sample and put it in my shopping bag! =). I’m a happy girl.

The cleanser is not really sample size’s size. It’s quite huge at 20g.

What it claim to do…