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Tips: A Very Simple Step to a Healthier Gum & Teeth

I was lucky to have a dad who was strict about brushing teeth twice a day since I was young. I remembered blaming my dad for being too strict about brushing my teeth no matter how sleepy I am. My dad stood beside me in the morning and before bed just to make sure I brush my teeth. I thought my dad is crazy at that time lol!

Growing up, I’m always afraid of tooth decay. I had nightmare that I lost all my teeth all the time. Freaks me out big time. Even till now I still had this kind of scary dreams. I must really thank my dad now as I have straight, healthy rows of teeth.

From previous annual dentist trip I found out I had a decay on one of my wisdom tooth. My heart dropped hearing that. But I was told it’s pretty normal as wisdom tooth is far at the back where no toothbrush could reach. My dentist taught me one simple step which I still practice until this day. Although there are some who know about this but still not many people are aware so today I thought of sharing this with you.

This post is NOT going to be a complete A to Z guide for you to take care of your teeth. If you need one please visit your dentist for advice ya. This post will be just a simple tips sharing so please take note.