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In The Media: DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet 2013

Remember the review I did for DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and DHC Mild Soap back in July 2013? The story on how this mini appearance in the product booklet begin when I met up with the brand people from Watsons (exclusive retailer for DHC in Malaysia), where she handed me a bottle of Deep Cleansing Oil and a bar of Mild Soap to try and for review. Then came a small request to provide a testimonial for their upcoming DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet.

DHC Double Cleansing Essentials Booklet 1
It was a rush project. Initially the brand people requested for one liner testimonial but she also told me I can do a longer one if I wanted to. Being a thorough product reviewer all these while, you bet I gave her a longer testimonial 😀

DHC Make Up - Remover Review: Make Up Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Cleansing Bar

Review: A Complete Double Cleansing Ritual with DHC Deep Cleansing Oil and DHC Mild Soap

I’m sure we all know that we should always double cleanse especially when we have makeup on. I have always been an avid cleansing milk user. I am not a great fan of cleansing oil until I discover a pretty good one a few months ago and the rest is history. You can say that I’m sort of neglecting cleansing milk at the moment as I’m still pretty hooked on to cleansing oil 😀

There is one teeny weeny problem with cleansing oil. It always leave a trail of oil after rinsing. I have friends telling me that some brand sting their eyes as they are also using cleansing oil to remove their eye makeup. I never had that because I always believe in using a separate eye makeup remover for the eye 🙂

I’m also sure that you have heard about the brand DHC right? This brand is the #1 direct skincare company in Japan and it is exclusively available only at Watsons store. I had the rare opportunity to try out the highly raved Deep Cleansing Oil together with Mild Soap as Double Cleansing Ritual recently. Let’s just say it totally changed my mind on cleansing oil since then.


DHC Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Beauty Drink

Review: Firmer Face and Look Younger with DHC Collagen Beauty 7000; Fountain of Youth in a Bottle

Since last week I’ve been consuming DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 that I had since the official launch last month. At first I have no intention of reviewing this collagen drink but after half way through the box I decided to pen down my thought on this for own reference in the future.

Do you know what DHC stands for? No right? Me too. I always thought DHC doesn’t have a specific meaning to it but I found out that DHC stands for “Daigaku Honyaku Center” which began as an educational translation company in Japan in 1972 and later on became a leading provider of educational business materials. Now, DHC Corporation is Japan’s No. 1 direct skincare company. It is a leading direct-to-consumer provider of beauty products, including skincare, body care and makeup items in S.E.A. DHC in Malaysia as we know only available exclusively at Watsons outlet. We also know DHC as skin care but not others. That was until last month when Watsons Malaysia launched an oral beauty supplement drink – DHC Collagen Beauty 7000.

DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 is retailing for RM129 per box. If you are lucky you can spot a RM199 for 2 boxes promotion in January and from February until March 2013 Watsons is having another promo of RM109.65 (after 15% discount). This promo will valid from 21st February until 25th March 2013.

DHC Event Watsons

Official Launch of DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 by Watsons Malaysia

Watsons Malaysia held a media launch on Wednesday at Fukuya Japanese Restaurant, on the latest product by DHC which is exclusively available at Watsons outlet. The latest edition to the brand DHC is not a topical skin care that we always see at Watsons outlet but it is an oral beauty supplement for all beauty conscious consumer; DHC Collagen Beauty 7000.

DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 – revered as the illustrious “fountain of youth in a bottle”, its well-known results stem from the premise of attaining beautiful skin from within.

Although I am about to witness the unveiling of DHC Collagen Beauty 7000 but I also had the opportunity to take a look at the array of DHC skin care product displayed at the venue as well.