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CLEO September 2014 X Dipped Row Jewellery Box Set

CLEO has done it again. After being quiet for two months since it’s last box set in June 2014, CLEO Malaysia released yet another edition of box set for the month of September. It is the CLEO September 2014 X Dipped Row Jewellery Box Set.

The collaboration this time round is rather unique. Instead of the usual skin care or makeup products, CLEO collaborated with Dipped Row. If you still have no idea who or what is Dipped Row, then you’ve been missing out quite a bit. I get to know Dipped Row when they was launched a few months ago. A few friends of mine was invited for the launch and they painted the stones on the jewellery. This is the reason why I had a vivid memory of Dipped Row. Who would paint the jewellery rhinestone anyway right? No one. Dipped Row did it!

Cleo September 2014 X Dipped Row Earrings
Now, CLEO said that this box set is Limited Edition Dipped Row for CLEO but I claim to differ and I’ll tell you why. I have nothing again both CLEO or Dipped Row by any mean. I love them both. I’m just particular of the term used lol. Can’t blame me. I’m from magazine and digital publishing background 😀 . I agreed on this awesome deal being exclusive to CLEO but not the part where it said it’s Dipped Row for CLEO. Reason being, these pieces is currently selling at Dipped Row. If it’s “for CLEO” then it has to be something that you can’t get from their online store. No biggie actually. Just my crazy thoughts 🙂