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Beauty News: Dolce Rosa Excelsa Blossoms Into The Dolce Garden

Dolce Rosa Excelsa
Introducing Dolce Rosa Excelsa, an enchanting new scent joins the floral Dolce Garden. This new scent from Dolce captures the boldness and the pure spirit of the multifaceted Rose flower, with the essence of fresh petals in bloom. Rose, as you know is my favourite scent of all time and it is the most fascinating of all flowers. Rose is an ancient symbol of love, beauty and romance. It has a delicate yet powerful presence, combining innocence and sensuality. Iconic, timeless and unique, the Rose is a recurrent motif seen throughout Dolce&Gabbana’s runway collections and inspired the creation of this new scent, Dolce Rosa Excelsa.

Dolce&Gabbana News

Matthew McConaughey, the face for Dolce&Gabbana The One for Men Father’s Day Special

Matthew McConaughey
What would be your perfect Father’s Day present?
My perfect Farther’s Day present is what we’ve done the last couple of times. The kids and my wife all come in and bring me breakfast in bed, we hang out, and then they bring their breakfast, and we eat so we don’t get out of bed, usually, until 10.30. Get up kind of late, even 11am. Then we usually do something with the family around the house.

Usually we’ll just go eat outside, and take the top off the hot tub, put on some music, and then I’ll manage stuff for lunch, then we’ll spend the whole day just outside, all playing around together. Until we get to the evening, and then we usually cook again. In the evening, open up a bottle of wine. And we spend the day together.

What’s the best thing about being a father?
Father was the only thing in my life that I ever knew I wanted to be. When I was eight years old, I knew I wanted to be a father. I thought I maybe wanted to be a Washington Redskin running back, but I grew out of that. I always know I wanted to be a father. For me, it’s always been the ultimate responsibility. The beginning of the ultimate shadow a man can leave in his life – his children.

What is the most important thing to your father thought you?
A few things. Take responsibility for yourself. Self-reliance. Don’t say can’t. And don’t lie. Now, it’s okay to bullshit, but don’t lie.

What every day things remind you of your father?
I’ve got a great picture of him, right when you come in the house, of him dancing in his underwear. He loved to dance.
And that’s always a fun reminder. The kids know exactly who he is, and understand he’s no longer physically here, but he’s papa. He was Captain Fun. He loved being the host. He loved to cook, and have a beer, and dance, and socialise. He also was a sticker for ‘if you start work at 8am, and you work till 6pm, that doesn’t mean you show up at 8 am. That means you’re on the phone working at 8am. So if you show up at 8 and you’re on the phone at 8.02am, you’re two minutes late. He was very strict about that. And so he instilled a very good work ethic in us.

What is the most important thing you want your kids to remember?
The one thing that our kids know, that they’re always going to know, is that they’re loved. My mother had a great line: ‘I love you, I don’t like you like that’. So when we got in trouble, we never thought ‘but you don’t love me’. And she used to say: ‘no, I love you, but you’re in trouble right now, because I don’t like what you just did’.

Did becoming a father change you?
Sure. A man gets better peripheral vision when he becomes a father, because everywhere I go now, I’m here and I’ve got my wife and my two kids in my pocket. So everything I do is a representation back to them. The way I take care of myself, the way we take care, we stay out of trouble, to my own self survive, I’m the king of the household, I’m the dad, I’m the father.

Are you a strict father?
Strict disciplined. We have fun, but there have to be clear rules and we stick to them. My wife and I are on the same page. We don’t play good cop bad cop. We’re on the same page, we’re very bottom line as to how we parent, we’re very clear. The kids know it’s clear so we’re in sync. I wouldn’t say strict but disciplined. Rules, you’ve got to follow them, if you don’t follow them, there are consequences.


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Colin Farrell, the face for Dolce&Gabbana INTENSO Father’s Day Special

Dolce&Gabbana Colin Farrell INTENSO Ad Campaign
What is the most important thing in your life?
The most important things in my life are friends and family and not of course necessarily in that order. Family is kind of everything you know – it is such a complex idea, such a complex concept. And yet there is something so simple that can be derived from spending time with your family that’s just incredibly life affirming and rewarding. Family means a lot to me.

What are your preferred moments with your children?
All of them, there is no un-preferred moments with my boys. I find, that with being a parent, being a dad you just wish you had a greater understanding, comprehension of how to do it right, how to steer them in the right direction, how to love kindly but not smotheringly, how to discipline with compassion and yet strength and honesty and fairness.My days usually start and finish with each of my boys which is a pretty majestic way to live.

Has becoming a father changed your life?
Yes, becoming a father has changed my life for sure. I mean I wouldn’t know how becoming a dad has changed my life; I wouldn’t really know how to quantify it. There is an enormous relief in finally having some very physical and very tangible understanding of how you are no longer the centre of your own universe. That you are not the sun anymore, you become a moon that revolves around the lives of your children and they become the sun. So that is kind of self-servingly one of the most beautiful things about being a dad.

Do you celebrate Father’s Day?
This year I was very aware of Father’s Day because there was texts coming through and I actually bought into it, it was really sweet. I don’t know if I maybe feel more comfort in being a dad or what it was, but this year a lot of my friends were texting Happy Father’s Day and I was texting them back and then texting other friends of mine who have kids Happy Father’s Day and it felt like I was part of a club that is not the worst club in the world.

What do you like about being a father?
It is an extension on the idea of family – in one hand it is incredibly complicated I find to be a father. I haven’t read any books but I know that if I did they would just confound me even more, that there is no direct science to it, that like art and like life it is an exercise, the most extreme exercise in trial and error because the consequences are so great. For the first time in your life you are not the most important thing in your world. For the first time in your life you know you really have an understanding of what it is to love unconditionally and it is a pretty extraordinary gift.

What are your intimate moments?
My intimate moments are moments shared with family and friends. I have deep friendships and very deep connections with those family members I have in my life, particularly my two sons and my sisters and my brother and both my parents are still alive. The simple things; we hike a lot – I get out in nature a lot. I do love the city but I like to vacillate between heavily populated areas and as I said the kinesis and the chaos and the noise and the energy of the city and then into the silence and the tranquillity of just your own solitude in nature.


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Beauty News: Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue Limited Edition Sunset in Salina and Swimming in Lipari

A return to the Aeolian Islands and the symbol of Sicily’s sea and of Mediterranean summers. Nature rules in fascinating contrasts of rocky landscapes and luscious greenery, deep blue sea and the pristine white beaches. It is here with nature’s most prized beauty where emotions come to life.

Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue
From these islands and this true splendor come the two new limited editions of Dolce&Gabbana Light Blue: Sunset in Salina for women and Swimming in Lipari for men. Both fragrances evoke summer, releasing all of its warmth and energy. The pure and joyful soul of the Mediterranean summer lives on in both fragrances.

Dolce&Gabbana News

Kate King, the face for Dolce and Dolce Floral Drops EDT Mother’s Day quotes

Kate King Mother's Day Quote
Why do you think Mother’s Day is important?
Mother’s Day allows us to show one of the most important figures in our life that we truly care and appreciate everything they have done for us. My mom has had a hard job raising me, my two sisters, and my brother so it’s a lovely chance to celebrate that she is herself a beautiful, feminine, and kind woman and she deserves gifts like Dolce Floral Drops to remind her of this.

Any special moments you connect with Mother’s Day?
Every year as a child I handmade my Mother’s Day gifts from items I found around the house. I made vases out of jars that I decorated and picture frames out of wood around the house. It was always so much fun making these things for my mom.

Any specific scents you connect with M’Day?
Last year I gave my mother Dolce for Mother’s Day. She was over the moon and so proud of me. It was such a special moment for us and every year Mother’s Day will smell the same way for us.

What was the perfect Mother’s Day?
Any Mother’s Day I get to spend with my mom.


Body - Fragrance Dolce&Gabbana Review: Bath / Body

Dolce&Gabbana Dolce Floral Drops: Fresher, lighter and yet maintaining the scent of freshly picked white flowers sprinkled with dew

A year ago, Dolce&Gabbana launched a fresh floral fragrance last year namely Dolce and a year later today with Spring around the corner, Dolce&Gabbana releases Dolce Floral Drops. It’s the first extension of Dolce following the successful fragrance release last year.

Dolce&Gabbana Dolce Floral Drops will be able to cater to the group of users that are not into strong floral scent of the original Dolce. It is more of a fresh and light scent and yet still mimicking the scent of freshly picked white flowers sprinkled with dew.

Dolce&Gabbana Dolce Floral Drops
I happened to like floral scent when it comes to my fragrance. The original Dolce fits the bill however I do admit that the floral scent is too strong. Dolce Floral Drops seems to be the answer and solution to that 🙂 . I do think it’s because a hint of freshness that was added into the concoction that neutralizes the floral scent to the right amount. It has the rare beauty of a fresh, floral scent. Bear in mind though, Dolce is Eau de Parfum while Dolce Floral Drops is Eau de Toilette. This new extension fragrance is inspired by the notes of Dolce Eau de Parfum, preserving its harmonious signature of white flowers together with a heart of White Amaryllis. Combining these ingredients with the lively and crisp green opening of Neroli leaves, that enriches its character and define its freshness right from the opening of the fragrance.