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Latest iHerb Haul & Black Friday 2016 Promos

iHerb Haul Black Friday 1
Last week was the EcoTools 20% OFF weekly promotion deal on iHerb and I have to get something. Picking what I want to buy and checking out this time around is so much faster and easier. No idea why. Probably because I have not been hauling anything from iHerb for the past few months. One thing for sure is that I am itching to get something from iHerb for quite some time. I also notice that their weekly promotion for beauty brands has slowed down for quite a bit. So when I stumbled upon one, it is shopping time.

Ecotools Estée Lauder Make Up - Eyes Make Up Tips & Tutorial Review: Make Up

Make Up Tips – Mistake Proof Two Tone Eyeshadow

A different tips post today. In today’s tips sharing I wanted to share with you a secret of mine when it comes to applying eyeshadow. Before I start…DISCLAIMER time. Please take note this is just an old method that I’ve been using for my own self which I think is useful to be share out. It may or may not be your liking so don’t judge me 😛

Back to topic. Have you ever wonder how to do that perfect extended eyeshadow? Now you don’t have to wonder anymore. Below is a step by step pictorial and guide on how I normally do my two tone extended eyeshadow. It’s a lil trick that I picked up some time ago and has been practicing it since then. This mistake proof secret is the reason that I’m willing to do my eyeshadow every morning 🙂

It’s also a good time to review this Estée Lauder Pure Color Eyeshadow palette GWP that was given to me during one of my purchases a few months ago. I’m going to use only 3 colors from the palette as numbered below.

First thing first, apply your usual eyeshadow primer all over your eyelid. In my case I’m using Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion #Original (UDPP). I normally apply slightly more on the crease cause even with UDPP, eyeshadow still smudge on me.

Ecotools Make Up - Beauty Tools Review: Make Up

Review: In Support of Earth-Friendly Beauty Brushes with EcoTools® 6 Piece Eye Brush Set

A month ago I picked up EcoTools® 6 Piece Eye Brush Set from Shins Mid Valley. Coincidently they’re having a 20% discount on EcoTools®! Lucky me. Perfect timing as I wanted to change all my brushes to a new and better one. This brush set is retailing for RM70 and I only paid RM56 after 20% off.


The brush set comes with a hemp and cotton case with mirror. This is actually the 6th item by what EcoTools® meant with “6 piece eye brush set”. 1st to 5th item is the brust itself.

The brush itself is not too long or too short. Some people called it mini brush set but actually this is not as mini as it is. I always have problem with long brush. I tend to hit my stand mirror everytime I do my eye makeup haha! With this… it’s perfect for me. P/S: I tried to do my makeup as close as I can to the mirror so that I can prevent having wrinkle lines on my forehead lol!

Ecotools Review: Skin Care Skin Care - Beauty Tool

Review: Getting Loofah with EcoTools® Sustainable Facial Buffs

Having a good, expensive skin care is not enough. I always believe we need a lil help in being pretty. Recently I’m embarking into beauty tools such as umecare Careroll Derma Roller and umecare umeSkin Analyzer. My new found tool is EcoTools® Sustainable Facial Buffs.

I bought a pack of EcoTools® Sustainable Facial Buffs for RM10.40 after 20% discount from retail price of RM13 from Shins. Shins is the only authorized seller for EcoTools® in Malaysia. I picked up the green one instead of blue as green makes more sense when it comes to the brand EcoTools®. In a pack there’s 2 facial buffs.


Cleanse and exfoliate your face with our sustainable facial buffs made with natural rayon from bamboo. Choose your favorite color and make this your two-sided bath necessity! The package, part of the EcoTools natural bath and body products collection, includes 2 buffs.


EcoTools® Haul

Dropped by Shins Mid Valley last week to purchase EcoTools® Bamboo Powder Brush for my Guerlain Météorites Perles Illuminating Powder #02 Teint Beige and I ended up with these home.


I wanted to replace all my trusty ELF brushes especially the eyeshadow brush as well. This is what I bought.

1) EcoTools® 6-pc Eye Brush Set – NP: RM70. Paid RM56 after 20% discount.
2) EcoTools® Powder Brush – NP: RM50. Paid RM40 after 20% discount.
3) EcoTools® Eye Shadow Brush – NP: RM22. Paid RM17.60 after 20% discount. Bought two of it.
4) EcoTools® Sustainable Body Buff – NP: RM10. Paid RM8 after 20% discount.
5) EcoTools® Sustainable Facial Buffs – NP: RM13. Paid RM10.40 after 20% discount.

Total haul – RM149.60. Okay. My heart ache a bit when I check out LOL.

Why EcoTools®? Two reason. 1) It’s really really good. Once you’ve used it, you’d be back for more. 2) I support their cruelty-free and earth-friendly initiative. EcoTools® is also supporting EarthShare.