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iHerb Haul October 2015: DHL Express not so express this time

LOL at the title. It sounded as if I’m about to go on a rampage on DHL Express which was not as express as my previous hauls. Could it be because of the $8 flat rate promotion or change of policy? I have no idea. All I care now is how relieved I am that my parcel arrived on Saturday morning, after 7 days of travelling. Lucky box.

iHerb Haul October 2015 1
Here is my small iHerb haul. I was thinking to go amok with iHerb this time, taking advantage of the flat $8 DHL Express shipping which ends on 31st October. I did. I put everything in the shopping cart and cut the list down to this extend 😛 . I never haul a lot with iHerb to avoid tax. That explains why all my iHerb haul is in a small quantity. Unless everything is free then I will make sure my haul totals up to RM499!

California Gold Nutrition ELF iHerb

Garcinia Haul from iHerb + Shipping Option and Rate Update

I believe you have heard about Garcinia before as there was a point of time where lots of spam advertisement appeared on Facebook timeline. That was when I knew about Garcinia too. So sometime towards end of 2014, I saw this California Gold Nutrition Garcinia 30 caps on the Trial section for USD1 and I just had to try it to see what’s the hype. I did not try it until a few weeks ago, which explains this Garcinia haul.

iHerb Garcinia Haul 1
My parcel reached me on the same day as the estimated delivery date. Well, actually I went to DHL delivery facility to collect the parcel myself since my area is classified as non-delivery area and they will need to Poslaju to me.

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ELF Eyebrow Treat & Tame (Clear/Dark): Absolute must-have brow mascara to tame the unruly brow hair and to keep them in place all day long

I know I am slightly obsessed with anything to do with brow but I swear this ELF Eyebrow Treat & Tame ‘came’ to me out of no where. The story is, I haven’t been browsing iHerb for a good few months so I thought of visiting the site to see what’s new. You know, window shopping for fun? But because I have been searching for ‘brow mascara’ through the internet and on iHerb before, this new product – ELF Eyebrow Treat & Tame popped right at the recommended product section. I click on the link and the rest is history although the whole process took a few weeks because the product was out of stock. Initially I wanted to get the darkest shade of all (Clear/Deep) but the shade on the tube freaks me out so I decided on the second darkest of the lot, which is the one I’m reviewing today 😀 .

ELF Eyebrow Treat & Tame
ELF Eyebrow Treat & Tame comes in five shades namely Clear/Light, Clear/Ash, Clear/Medium, Clear/Dark and Clear/Deep. Each of these cost only USD$3 (RM9.81) which is absolutely a steal considering you get two different product with two different function. There is nothing to shout about on the packaging because ELF has always been keeping everything simple from as long as I know them. When it comes to ELF, I’m not bothered by it’s packaging as I am too a minimalist 😀 . Eventhough the packaging is kept simple, I like that I can find all the information that I need to know about the product from the outer box.

ELF iHerb Nestle St. Dalfour

Latest iHerb Haul + Update on DHL Express Worldwide shipping

I have been secretly compiling my iHerb shopping cart for the past three months and it has been left as it is because a few things that I want it out of stock and when it’s back on, I changed my mind and the whole process repeated again and again until a few days ago. I wanted to get non-beauty products this time around but I have no idea what to get. I googled a bit on what other people normally buy from iHerb to get some idea and this is what I ended up with. This is not a major haul first of all as I wanted to keep the haul small so that I don’t get charge with tax all of a sudden. These are just something that I’ve been wanting to try for months.

iHerb Haul September 2014 1
So why am I blogging about a not-so-major-haul that doesn’t have anything interesting at all? That is because I want to share with you a slightly different experience with DHL Express Worldwide shipping. I personally feel that the most important thing about making an online purchase is not the items you purchase but it’s the dreadful shipping experience. Agree?

ELF iHerb Real Techniques

Second iHerb Haul: A different shipping experience and how I expedite the parcel delivery

I was just happy with getting my second iHerb parcel that I have no intention to blog about it at all because the purchase is mostly done for a friend, until I realised I do have a fair share of haul 😀 . This time round I experienced a totally different shipping experience so I thought of sharing with you what happened.

First thing first, here’s the mini haul 😉

iHerb Second Haul
I bet by now you had already figure that I am kinda obsessed with iHerb based on my Facebook updates. Thanks to all your recommendation and push to order from the addictive site, I can’t stop browsing now. Just in case you are not aware, Real Techniques was on 20% discount for the whole of last week. A good friend of mine had just started getting her feet wet with skin cares and makeup, which was groomed by me *ehem* so one day she ask me to help her to order some Real Technique brushes. She gave me a long list of brushes she want but I sort of trim everything down to just two items because as a beginner, she doesn’t need all brushes at once.