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ELF Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15: Something not meant for oily skin

Many many years ago I started off my journey into makeup by getting Korean and American brands by joining online sprees. My repeat order has always been Missha and ELF. ELF was my favourite because of the price. It is US$1 per item for the basic line, which is known as Essential line now. Most spree cost about RM6 per item, a bit high after conversation but hey, the seller got to earn a bit too for organizing the spree right? 🙂 . So I was more than happy to pay RM6 per ELF item.

One particular item that I ordered the most is ELF Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15. I have no idea what Tinted Moisturizer is at that time. It looks like a foundation but I remember hating it very much because the coverage was so sheer that none of my acne marks were covered. Not even a tiny bit. I ended up giving away most of it to my friends, who I’m sure doesn’t know a clue what to do with it too lol.

ELF Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 1
While I was browsing for stuffs to order on iHerb, I stumbled upon this ELF Tinted Moisturizer again. So I started googling and I found out that this best-seller product is actually discontinued and was replaced with ELF Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. So I order one ELF Tinted Moisturizer SPF 15 #Apricot Beige from iHerb for USD$1.99. Initially I wanted to order three but since I can’t remember much about it, I only order one. Plus iHerb only have one shade. I suppose this is the leftover stock after the product was discontinued.

ELF iHerb Physicians Formula Real Techniques

First iHerb Shopping Experience: The process, the shipping and the purchase

Last month I shared with you My Favourite Top 3 Online Beauty Stores and I did mentioned that iHerb is a favourite online site for most people I know due to it’s low international shipping rate. I also mentioned that I probably don’t have the patience to wait for the shipment to arrive, which I don’t and still don’t 😀

The story on how I made my first iHerb purchase came about when I wanted to pick up Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Sam’s Picks Exclusive Brush Set. Unfortunately for me the brush set is out of stock and it will only be available in April. April came along and the brush set is still yet available so I waited for another few more weeks but to no avail. Finally I decided to forgo the brush set and get individual brush that I need instead. There’s so many things I wanted to pick up right away however I took a good few days to rethink if I should as the mother of all warehouse sales is happening in three weeks time.

This is a small haul which I shared with my friend Cynthia.

iHerb Haul 1
My iHerb transaction was surprisingly smooth. I would expect lots of drama but there was no nonsense. Not that I wanted chaos or whatsoever but I seems to be quite unlucky sometimes when it comes to online shopping. Furthermore iHerb is not local so can’t blame me for over thinking 😀

Beauty Tool ELF

ELF Brushes

My long anticipated purchase is finally here!

I’ve been waiting to buy ELF brushes especially the eyeshadow brush so badly that I don’t want to join any spree as it’ll took almost a month to reach *phew*. After some time of searching, I still can’t get seller who is selling the ready stock. So I decided to join a spree in LYN for the ELF Studio line as they’re having a 50% discount. The good news soon turns to bad as I was informed that the promo has ended and that those who ordered the Studio line will have to revert to a normal rate. That’s not it. The delivery took longer than a month to reach the seller here in Malaysia due to all the holidays in December 2009 (remember that all the Fridays is Public Holiday?). So I asked the seller if I could get a refund for my Studio line and she said yes. I got my refund for the Studio line thanks to the wonderful seller “hubby_enny”.

2 weeks ago I was doing another searching and found that Enny have stocked up some ELF products! Excitedly I choose slowly and properly hehe. I ended up not getting the Studio line brushes but the normal line as I have a normal line blusher brush to match.

Left to Right: Eye Shadow Brush x 2, Defining Eye Brush, Blending Eye Brush & Eyeliner Brush

My review:
1) Eye Shadow Brush
Kinda shock to see how big the brush is. Disappointed but happy as well. I mean I’m happy that its well worth the RM5.50 price but just too big for asian eyes hehe. Anyway, I’m still loving it. Just gotta try not to be too generous when applying eyeshadows huh.

2) Defining Eye Brush
This is something like the angle brush. Seldom use this unless I’m going to those corners + blending at the end of my eyes as the eyeshadow brush is too huge.

3) Blending Eye Brush
This is a great brush. Used it to highlight my brow bone and to blend my eyeshadow colors together.

4) Eyeliner Brush
And of course the eyeliner brush to apply eyeliner of course lol. Only used once. Love this too.

Anyway, this is just what I do with my brushes. Everyone have a different ways to use makeup brushes. Its YOUR brush…not other people’s.