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English Magazine Review: Magazine Shout Magazine

SHOUT Magazine #458


My new template died on me and I was too busy to search for new one so I was “forced” to settle with this for the moment. Oh well…sigh!

Back to being busy…

My post previously is about me resigning. I did hand over my letter and was called to my CEO’s room by my CEO. She was so furious and scolded me non-stop. The funny thing is the more she scold me, the lesser I listen to. While scolding, she asked “so now you gonna give up and not doing it anymore?”. I replied her “YES”. She asked again “you’re not going to do this anymore and walk away?”. I replied her “YES”. Then she tone down and talk to me nicely. That is when I start to listen to her. To cut the story short, my CEO managed to persuade me to stay. And the unexpected thing happen the next afternoon. She fired that evil fella! I think the whole office celebrated. I did not. I went GAGA over this cause I’d be more busier. I was right. For the past 2 weeks, I’ve been running around settling disputes, errors, no invoice, no magazine etc etc etc and at the same time it’s the usual weekly deadlines for Trader and the coming Autocar deadline. Because of this, I haven’t been to Kinokuniya for so long compared with my twice a week trip.

And since I have an hour lunch time to spare on Wednesday with no where to go, no appetite for real food and no lunch buddy on my mind…I decided to drive to KLCC. No japanese magazine caught my eye that day and I picked up SHOUT magazine for their fabulous freebies. The magazine cost at RM9.90 and comes with a long lash mascara plus a liquid eyeliner.

Magazine front cover feature Taylor Swift.

This issue comes with a set of long lash mascara and liquid eyeliner.

The ingredients and cautions.

The weird thing is I don’t apply eyeliner. I actually wanted to give the eyeliner to Monica but I did a patch test and it’s FABULOUS! I draw a straight line on the back of my hand near my thumb. After the liner dries, I put my hand under running water and the liner stays without smudging or whatsoever. Next, I rub the liner UNDER running water and still no signs of smudge. Really incredible.

Next is the mascara challenge. I knew I will be out in the sun whole day on Thursday so I applied the mascara. It’s a bit risky but worth to try? As I expected…the mascara never even smudge at all leaving me panda eyes. The only bad thing about this is the smell. Its horrible. Not like usual mascara smell. Mum even ask me to consider to get another copy since it’s cheap and good =)

Next issue of SHOUT magazine freebies.

And…I’ve placed my reservation for Gisele magazine December 2010 issue 😉

English Magazine Review: Magazine Shout Magazine

SHOUT Magazine Special Issue #457

Purchased SHOUT magazine special issue which comes with a Shimmer Elements Colour Kit for RM9.90. There’s 3 English magazine with attractive freebies to choose from and in the end I chose this. I think I’ll have use of this instead of the other freebies.

Even the poly-bag is nice.

The freebies cardboard guide on how to use the kit.

The ingredients & other info.

Shimmer Elements Colour Kit. This was the last copy on the rack and I nearly put it away as the palette was chipped off here and there.

Horoscope element charts & how to use the elements.

Next issue freebies!