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Beauty Box Review Fabulous Finds

Fabulous Finds – Malaysia’s Very Own Beauty Box Review

How many of you are into beauty box surprises? *me me! raise hand*. I’m not shy to admit I absolutely love the idea. I mean…you pay a minimum fee for a box of 4-5 deluxe samples or sometimes a full size product is included to try before going to the counter to fork out a large sum of money. That’s just one reason, (2) is you need not suffer the the process of asking for a sample at the counter, (3) you save money just in case the product doesn’t suit you and lastly (4) surprises! Everyone love surprises. Unveiling a beauty box every month is excited and fun.

As you all know I was invited to attend the exclusive launch of Fabulous Finds last Saturday. If you still don’t know yet, Fabulous Finds is a beauty box from Malaysia to Malaysian. Or is it Malaysian to Malaysian? Whichever way it’s M2M =P. FINALLY we have one locally! Before you all getting excited to the unveiling content, let me walk you through what Fabulous Finds is. Read on!

What’s FABULOUS FINDS all about?
It’s a beauty box subscription service – the first Malaysian beauty box. For only RM35 per month, Fabulous Finds send out 4 – 5 deluxe beauty samples from high-end and niche brands to subscribers throughout Malaysia. These beauty miniatures are lovingly packed in a luxurious box and couriered to addresses all over Malaysia.

Personally I like the name Fabulous Finds. It’s perfect. According to Hui Ling, the name came because they hope each beauty box will be a fabulous find to their subscribers. It’s a name they aim to live up to, month after month, as they bring the best and latest beauty products to their subscribers.

Event Fabulous Finds

Exclusive Launch of Fabulous Finds – Malaysia’s First Beauty Box

When I received an invitation to Fabulous Finds – Malaysia’s first beauty box launch earlier this month, I looked up, put both my hands up and said FINALLY someone came up with it!. I’m a huge fan of beauty box. Unfortunately there’s none available locally in Malaysia except for one that send all over from Singapore which is quite costly.

I waited patiently and excitedly for the day to arrive and it finally did yesterday. Despite all the negative energy surrounded me lately I need to be around good people. Happily I put on my makeup and drove to Delicious Cafe at Dua Residency for the launch, high tea and pampering session.

The ambience at the venue is indescribable by words. I felt this strong positive energy as soon as I stepped in. Hui Ling; The Founder and CEO of Fabulous Finds is the main reason for this. I never met such an extra ordinary person before. Yes, I was surrounded by the right energy.


I had the first hand glimpse of the box design. It’s in gift box form, super hard and sturdy, dark pink color with glossy finishing and Fabulous Finds logo initial on the box lid. Simple and sweet. I’m liking this beauty box already!