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Crocs Celebrate Individuality with ‘Come As You Are’ Campaign in Spring/Summer 2017 Collection and

Crocs Spring Summer 2017
I always said that we should be who we are, not somebody else. Everyone is different and unique in their own way. We should celebrate our own uniqueness and that is what Crocs is doing with its latest ‘Come As You Are’ global campaign. This campaign encourage the celebration of one’s uniqueness but at the same time sends a message to not limit ourselves. The ‘Come As You Are’ campaign was launched and led by celebrity brand ambassadors Drew Barrymore, John Cena, Yoona Lim and Henry Lau. Crocs is deploying this campaign throughout 2017 with social media hashtag #ComeAsYouAre and in its new Spring/Summer 2017 Collection.

Crocs Malaysia also officiate the opening of Suria KLCC’s latest retail concept store, which takes up a 947 sq. ft. in one of my favourite mall. This opening mark Crocs’ presence of 22 stores and 2 outlets in Malaysia. This new store is also fully equipped with the latest Crocs Spring/Summer 2017 collection, ranging from its iconic clog to new styles such as loafers, sandals, canvas sneakers, flip flops, heels and wedges in an array of vibrant colors and graphic prints.

Fashion Favourite Look of the Week SmartBuyGlasses

Favourite Look of the Week, Featuring Prada Minimal Baroque Sunglasses from SmartBuyGlasses

Prada Baroque SmartBuyGlasses 1
I am going to start a fashion series here in Street Love. I don’t think I will be doing lookbook at the moment as that take a lot of time. Let’s start small. Let’s start with just one. I am going to pick one of my favourite look and name it as Favourite Look of the Week. So you will get to see what dress, shoe, sunglasses, hair style etc that I have created and like the most 😀

I bought a few new dresses for a few coming events two weeks ago. Currently I am very much into the brand Missguided. I describe Missguided style as simple with unique sexy style. This dress Silky Strappy Wrap Over Midi Dress is one size larger than my current dress size but it fits on nicely. However it is a silk dress afterall so it tend to get tight when I sweat. I was contemplating if I should return it. In the end I decided to keep it. No regret at all! The dress have a deep V-neck but not revealing, depending on the adjustment of the dress strap. The front of the dress has a split with the fabric end overlapping each other. I am a fast walker with huge foot step. With this dress I have to somewhat walk slower with smaller foot step. It’s a silk dress so it flows beautifully as I walk 😉

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Giving Your Winter Wardrobe a Facelift

Tired of the same old coat and hats from countless winter seasons ago? It may be time to update your winter wardrobe with a few new signature items. While a full closet revamp may not be in the cards (or budget), anyone can give their style a facelift by incorporating some of the season’s hottest trends and women’s accessories. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorites this season, guaranteed to bring new life to your classic winter fashion.

Statement Coat

Karlie Kloss Burberry Trench
Chances are, you have a go-to winter coat that’s warm, reliable, and likely a shade of black or grey. While a basic winter jacket is something everyone should own, why not add in a little something different in the mix with a statement coat. Outerwear is one of the easiest ways to express personal style and incorporate different colors and designs, and there’s no shortage of brands and designers to choose from. What makes it a statement is up to you. You could choose a bright, eye-catching color like yellow or pattern like plaid. Or choose a different fabric like faux fur or velvet. Feeling a little old school? Go with a vintage-inspired style.


Colored Leggings

Colored Legging
Another easy way to step up your winter wardrobe is to step into some unexpected leggings. If you don’t already own a pair, leggings are a great addition to your closet and are versatile enough that you’re sure to wear them often. They can be worn with oversized sweaters and sweater dressers, and fit perfectly under boots (another winter staple). But don’t just stick to basic black — the beauty with leggings is they come in so many colors and can add a lot of personality to an outfit with very little effort. Even if you’re not into the leggings look, a pair of non-blue jeans will have the same effect. Try a dark red or even green velvet to stay current (and festive) for the season.


Oversized Sweater

Oversized Sweater
These have been winter must for years, so chances are you have one or two hanging in your closet. And while on their own they may not seem too exciting, paired with right accessories an oversized sweater can really make an outfit pop. Practically speaking, these sweaters are perfect for the cooler weather. Warm and comfortable? A total winter win. Pair it with some tight leggings, booties and a chunky necklace, and you’ll be inspiring some serious style envy. Top it off with that statement jacket, and you’ll be ready for even the fiercest winter (and runways).


Ankle Booties

Ankle Booties
While boots have long been the winter shoe of choice, try diversifying your collection with some booties. These hit just at the ankle and go great with leggings and dresses. But if you love the idea of your tall boots and you’re feeling especially adventurous, you could even go the other direction and invest in some thigh-high boots. These have been making more and more appearances over the years, and have become a popular variation on the classic boot. And don’t forgot that perfect pair of cozy socks to go with whichever boot you choose. Check out a great site like to find a variety of quality boots in numerous styles.

These don’t have to be boring anymore; go for a nice pair of thick, wool socks or choose a boutique brand like Stance. This awesome company lets you make custom socks, so you can stay truly stylish from head to toe. Find styles perfect for any preference—get silly with pineapple designs, throw on a pair of Rihanna-designed footwear, or even check out some sporty and hilarious Allen Iverson socks for your favorite guy. Who knew socks could be so exciting?


Chunky Scarf
Chunky Scarf

One of winter’s finest accessories has to be the scarf. Another staple that’s flown high on the fashion radar over the years, scarves have become part of the essential winter wardrobe, and lightweight, colorful scarves have been adorning outfits for the past few seasons. This year, mix it up with chunky scarf (or try the newer, cozier blanket scarf) to keep it warm while making a statement.

Add a few of these items this fashion repertoire, and you’ll be ready to brave the season in style.


Event Fashion Lifestyle Sunday Wacoal

Lifestyle Sunday: Wacoal The Store Boutique Opens at Sunway Pyramid

Wacoal Sunway Pyramid 1
Inner wear shopping can be intimidating for most people especially when it is at an open counter. The fact is, inner wears are being sold inside departmental stores openly until boutiques starting to pop up, making inner wear shopping more personal and less intimidating. This is where Wacoal is heading too. And they had just opened its fourth and most inviting free-standing Wacoal The Store boutique at Sunway Pyramid.

Fashion Shopping Tips

Fashion Accessories to Put On Your Christmas List

You’ve been busy making lists for everyone else, take a moment to make one for yourself! If you’re unsure of just exactly what you could use this season, take a few notes from the list of must-have holiday fashion accessories from the list below.


Sorel Boots
Whether you live in a warm climate or cool, boots are always in fashion. They’re probably the most versatile type of footwear out there as they can be dressed down or dressed up, and are a great, more comfortable alternative to heels. Sorel’s Major Moto Boot, for example, is a great choice for a casual footwear option. The Major Moto features a mixed-material design with a leather upper body, molded rubber in- and out-sole, and a fold-down front cuff lined with a quilted, flannel-print fabric, which adds a festive flair to the low wedge, moto-inspired boot. The heel also features built-in arch support for added comfort and a bit of treads to help counteract any icy walking conditions.



Chan Luu SIGNATURE Floating Pearl Sterling Silver Statement Earrings
Earrings are a simple way to add a bit of sparkle to any holiday outfit. Pearls are a timeless holiday jewelry choice and the Chan Luu SIGNATURE Floating Pearl Sterling Silver Statement Earrings add a bit of a modern appeal to the classic gem. Two iridescent freshwater pearls are anchored to a handmade sterling silver wire, making these drop-style earrings easy to pair with either a dressed-up or dressed-down affair.


Leather Jacket

Leather Jacket
Like the boot, a well-fitting leather jacket can be one of the most versatile items in your closet and can also add some much needed structure to soft, flowy pieces. Pair with a dress for an edgy holiday look, or layer with a light sweater and jeans for effortless cool weekend wear. There’s really not much a good leather jacket can’t work with.



Black Widow Ladoire Touch of Modern
With a smartphone in nearly every person’s pocket you may question why a watch is still even considered an essential. Mainly, it’s one accessory that can be artfully worn every day, no matter what type of outfit you’ve planned. There are thousands of brands and models to choose from, but modern watches are really more about adding a special personal or finishing touch on a well-chosen ensemble.


Modern Hair Accessories

Ellette Headband
For the past few years, the “It” hair trend has strayed from the elaborate updos of the early 2000’s, and it could be argued that the trend for modern hair leans towards effortless and chic and 100% wash and wear. But, just because the “I woke up like this” look is in doesn’t mean you can’t put a touch more work into your holiday hairstyle. Alice bands are a beautifully minimal hair accessory that instantly adds a bit of sparkle without overwhelming your look.



Color Check Wool Scarf
There’s really not much that can add as much elegance and beauty to an outfit as a scarf. While the thick, knitted versions come out in the winter for much-needed warmth, the lighter, silk and cashmere varieties should not be overlooked as fashionable accents during the cool transitional seasons of spring and fall. A beautifully printed cashmere scarf can add a touch of contrast as well as some layered interest, or even dress up a casual look. Midweight scarves, like Burberry’s Parade Red Color Check Wool Scarf, for instance, is a perfect option for slightly cooler weather, but also great to pair with a coat and boot for the much colder winter months.



Sole Society Wide Brim Hat
The chill of the winter months is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of much-overlooked fashion accessory: the hat. Beanies tend to be the winter hat of choice; however, over the past few years the wide-brimmed fedora has come back in full force, lending a bit an adventurous wanderlust appeal to the modern wardrobe. Sole Society’s wide brim hat is a perfect addition to your Christmas wish list. Cut from a cozy wool-felt and with a wide-brim silhouette, it was made to keep wearers warm and to shield from brisk, winter winds. The stylish fedora also features a gleaming metallic band, adding the perfect touch of holiday glamour.


Event Fashion Safilo

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 Collection Preview

Safilo Fall/Winter 2016 1
It was definitely an overwhelming morning at the Safilo Group Fall/Winter 2016 preview day whereas I get the opportunity to view all the brand’s new collection. Among the brands I get to see, touch and try are Dior, Dior Homme, Fendi, BOSS, Kate Spade, Jimmy Choo, Marc Jacobs, Givency, just to name a few and many more. Just in case you are wondering who is Safilo. Safilo is a fully integrated Italian eyewear creator and worldwide distributor. So the collection preview day is the perfect day to view all of the brand’s new and upcoming collection.