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Sephora October 2017 Private Sale Haul

Sephora October 2017 Private Sale Haul 1
Wow! I have not done any Sephora haul post since the time Sephora online had a glitch and I managed to score a few items on super low price. Here’s the thing. I have a medium size Sephora at home myself so I really don’t need anything. BUT, when Fenty Beauty was launched, I bought a few items to try and also to patch the hole for the RM593 that I needed to spend in order to keep my Black Card status *&^%^*^$. Yes, that’s me cursing at the nonsense rule. I thought Black Card status is permanent??! The email sent from Sephora was pretty nonsense too, with the title “Don’t Go”. I was like, go? Go where? Then only I know what they meant &%@#^(^%. Yes, I’m cursing again.

After all the unnecessary spending, I am left with RM133 balance needed to spend to keep the Black Card. I have always wanted to go back and pick up the Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Paper Refill (RM40) because I like it a lot. Despite what people say about the Inivisimatte Blotting Paper, I actually like it. The chic packaging with hexagon shape and a mirror on the dispenser are a few of the factors as well. Then, I found out towards the end of September that the private sale will happen on the 5th October. Perfect timing! It make sense for me to purchase the refill since I already have the dispenser. I bought two. I know it seems too much but that will last me probably till the next sale 🙂 . Plus buying one is too little lol.