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Body - Fragrance Fiorucci Review: Bath / Body

Is It An Ice Cream? No. Is It A Lollipop? No. It’s Icy Fantasy by Fiorucci!

When I first had the new Icy Fantasy by Fiorucci fragrance misted on my arm, I was worried that it might smell too sweet. I mean, look at the bottle. It had the sweetness all over the bottle. So I took a sniff of the fragrance and I was so close to sticking out my tongue and lick my arm! Not once, not twice but 4 times. All that during the short briefing of the fragrance. When I was asked how and what do I think of the smell…I said its sweet, but not the kind of sweet that gives you nauseas and headache…it’s more like the kind of sweet that makes you want to lick your arm lol!

Oh yeah. That was my first impression on Icy Fantasy.

Although I only know Fiorucci as an Italian fashion label, however this is not the first fragrance from Fiorucci. Icy Fantasy is more like new rules, new desires and new collaborations for the brand. Having said that I must talk about the brand and fragrance.