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What I Wore Vol. 11

What I Wore Vol 11
Does this dress look familiar to you? Yeap! It’s the turquoise version of the purple dress I wore in What I Wore Vol. 5.

In the recent post I shared about Losing Weight, I’ve lost about 2kg at that time and since then I’ve lost another 1-2kg. Lost of appetite is one of the main cause among other contributing reasons. This dress has been fitting me nicely since post-depression 2 years ago. Now, it fits even nicer in my opinion as I’ve also lost that little tummy from What I Wore Vol. 5. The only thing I still don’t like about the dress is the low back. Don’t get me wrong. I like the idea of a low back dress but somehow it shows my boney spines. Bones that I never knew existed!

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What I Wore Vol. 3

Ultron Minerva H&M Running Shorts
I have totally forgotten to update this series for the past 2 weeks! LOL. Sorry girls. Been a little bit busy. I thought I want to catch up with the series but then I figure I should post up a slightly different What I Wore edition for this week. Reason being, I went back to running. I bet you have no idea that I sort of been on a hiatus 😛 .

One fine day last week I woke up, had breakfast and saw that the sky is still cloudy and I said to myself “this is a perfect weather for a run”. And so I did. I changed and went to my favourite lake. By the time I jam my way and reached the corner of the park, the sun came out. What the… But no complain because I miss my multiple tan lines and I’ve been wanting to have them back on my skin. And I must admit, I miss all the muscles I developed from constant running 🙁

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GIVEAWAY: Fitbit Flex worth RM450 + 3-Pack Flex Accessory Wristbands worth RM165

Fitbit Flex Giveaway
As ya’all know, I rarely do giveaway but when I do, it is one hella good one! Two days ago I reviewed the newly launched Fitbit Flex 2 and today, as promised I am giving away not one but TWO (2) Sets of Fitbit Flex + 3-Pack Flex Accessory Wristbands. If you have always been wanting a fitness tracker that is fashionable and impactful, this is your chance.

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Fitbit Flex 2: When Fashion Meets Fitness

Fitbit Flex 2 1
I never quite understand it when someone is very much into data from working out. “Data junkie”, as I called it. It is only recently that I turned into a data junkie myself that I now know why working out and reviewing all the data later on is so satisfying. I for one is not into my pace or time when it comes to running but data? I like! What if i tell you that there is a fitness wristband that is able to provide you with so much more than just data from your workout but also data on your lifestyle routine? Introducing the new Fitbit Flex 2.