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Food Lifestyle Sunday Mini Mini Cafe

Lifestyle Sunday: Dining in a world of miniatures at Mini Mini Cafe

If you don’t know yet, there is a new cafe in town that has been creating a lot of buzz. No, it’s not Hello Kitty cafe 😛 . It’s Mini Mini Cafe! The first, one and only in Malaysia that has miniature world theme, hence the name Mini Mini Cafe.

Mini Mini Cafe 1
A lot of people asked, what miniature am I talking about. Miniature everything! The cafe itself are decorated with specially curated miniature dolls and doll world. The food concept is also going along with the mini concept whereas you will find miniature food selection in the menu. But of course there are also a lot more normal food portion so don’t worry 😀

Chatime Event Food Lifestyle Sunday

Lifestyle Sunday: Chatime launches limited-time offerings of Pearl Thai Milk Tea & Coconut Top Thai in conjunction with Thai Tea Festival and introducing the new Thirstea Ringgit

Chatime Thai Tea Festival Media Launch
I’m sure when Chatime started off in Malaysia 5 years ago, you and I are one of the many that would queue for a very long time just to get the bubble tea fix. I was obsessed. I have tried a few different flavours but I am a classic Pearl Milk Tea drinker so I always find myself going back to the good ol’ Pearl Milk Tea 😀

Last week Chatime Malaysia, unveiled their latest new drinks offerings in celebration of the rich and robust culture of tea all over the world. Pearl Thai Milk Tea and Coconut Top Thai Milk Tea are both inspired by the rich history of the famous Thai Milk Tea. Thai Tea Fest will be available tomorrow 14th September and it will be available for one-month only.

Food Lifestyle Sunday The Counter Custom Built Burger

Lifestyle Sunday: The Counter® Custom Built Burger Opens in Malaysia!

The Counter® Custom Built Burgers—the premium build-your-own-burger restaurant—opens its first location in Malaysia’s trendy Bukit Bintang district this month. In addition to offering a burger for every lifestyle with over a million possible combinations, The Counter® also serves a wide selection of bold signature burgers and burger bowls, flavorful side dishes and milk shakes, all featuring quality ingredients.

The Counter Custom Built Burger

The Counter® features “burgers with a conscience,”using naturally raised, hormone and antibiotic-free beef, all-natural chicken and turkey, ahi tuna, and a house-made vegan/veggie burger for their burger and salad style burger bowls.

Food Gifts from Friends Tokyo Banana

Holiday At Japan Will Not Be Complete Without A Haul Of Their Must-Buy Tokyo Banana

Been feeling a little bit blue, a little bit down and a little bit unwell so I thought of telling you a treat that I got from my colleague who went to Japan for work cum holiday back in November 2013.

Who doesn’t know Tokyo Banana right? Tokyo Banana (東京ばな奈) basically are banana pudding flavoured custard sponge cakes wrapped and packaged in Japanese standards. The phenomena of this delicacies has quickly put it to be the number #1 souvenir of choice from family and friends who have recently visited Japan. This is the one thing I requested from my colleague to buy for me too 😀

Tokyo Banana 1
It comes in various design such as plain, tabby pattern, giraffe pattern, leopard pattern, plain with caramel banana custard and the new one is floral pattern with banana shake custard. Each design are available in various package such as 4 pieces per pack (¥500), 8 pieces (¥1,050) and 12 pieces (¥1,550). Plain Tokyo Banana is cheaper at 4 pieces per pack (¥470), 8 pieces (¥1,000) and 12 pieces (¥1,500). I kinda like leopard pattern but it gave me goosebumps so giraffe is the final choice 😀 . As a few of our colleague ordered it as well and it’s a bit troublesome to bring back, we gotten the 4 pieces pack.

Food Lifestyle Sunday, Online Food Delivery Portal With More Than 300 Restaurants To Choose From 1.1
You know how it is to be in a dilemma every lunch time thinking about what to eat and where to eat right? My colleagues hated the idea of thinking where to have our lunch so as usual the question will be thrown to me every single day with fail. To be frank I’m getting really agitated and tired too. On the positive side, I get to choose what to have for lunch according to my preference and liking for the day. But with limited choices around the office, the laziness to drive out and the fact that most of the restaurant or cafe are located on the other side of the city. Meanwhile on the weekend I want my mum to have a rest and not worrying on what to cook for the family. So what do we do? Online ordering of course 😀


About 2.1

With the company’s focusing in the Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America and parts of Africa, is the leader in online food delivery portal here in Malaysia. Basically it is a portal made easy for everyone to order food from the best restaurants in Malaysia and get it delivered at their home. For example my office is located at Jaya One and I’m craving to have the meatball spaghetti from Secret Recipe at Taman Tun. So what I’ll do is to order it online or from my smartphone app! 3 offers a wide variety of food from Japanese food to Indian food, Western food or Italian food from more than 300 restaurants such as popular international chains like Tony Roma’s, Kenny Rogers Roasters, Sushi King or from the local favorites like The Chicken Rice Shop, Kluang Station, Burger Kaw Kaw or Papa John’s. And the list goes on. Not only that. You can also order beverages from the popular junction such as Chatime, Starbucks and Denise Wines. 6


How It Works? 5
The process of food ordering is so easy. Go to Enter your city and location at the bar on top of the website. Choose which restaurants or food near you that you want to order from, click “Go To Menu” and follow the step by step easy navigation to place your order. You can view all the restaurants in your area or select your favourite cuisine from the left panel. FoodPanda crew will do the processing and delivery once you have placed your order and made payment. However a small delivery charges applies.

Do also keep an eye for Deals Of The Week. You might just score free delivery deals on your favourite restaurants. 4
Not a bad recommendation for busy bee right? currently operates in major cities such as Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Melaka and Johor. There are plans to expand further around Klang Valley so do keep yourself updated at or visit FoodPanda Facebook page at for latest news, deals and promotions.


Food Reader's Engagement Velvety Layers

An Offline Afternoon with the Girls @ Velvety Layers

2 weeks ago I sent out an invitation to my friend Kamsiah, Jennifer and Angelina who is a few close, active readers of mine for a lunch at my friend’s cafe; Velvety Layers at IOI Mall Puchong. It was nothing fancy though. Just a simple meet, chat, lunch, coffee and dessert session. Another reason is also because I promised my friend to go over to try the food. If I’m going why not drag a few girls along right?

After weeks of waiting the day finally came. I don’t know what had gotten into me yesterday morning. I was walking around the garden looking for a slight sight of the sun but the sky was cloudy and it rained. Then I lazed around in my room taking time to issue cheques for credit card payment. When I looked up at the clock it’s already 11am! I’m suppose to leave house by 11 am and I’m still in my pyjamas! I rushed to bath, did my makeup hurriedly and left house with crooked eyeliner LOL! I think the rest is pretty much like how you imagine – drive like a mad woman. Let’s just say I’m not exactly that late hehe. I reached 12noon and before that I asked Jennifer to get a table for me first *thank you dear*

Velvety Layers is not hard to find. It is strategically located at IOI Mall (old wing) facing the main road. If you can find McDonalds then you can easily spot Velvety Layers as they are just next to each other technically.

As soon as everyone arrived we ordered our food and drinks at the counter because their menu is all on the board behind the cashier counter. This is a small cafe which specialize in hand crafted Mille Crepes cake but later on Velvety Layers offer pasta as well.