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My All Time Favourite Perfume

My All Time Favourite Perfume
When I was gifted a bottle of Elie Saab Girl of Now on my birthday, I was asked to do a review on it. I said no immediately but after considering it for quite a while, I think I should because it is the latest fragrance release. Granted now the distributor no longer send us any new fragrance 😛 . Before I go into detail with that perfume, I thought I’d tell you about my all time favourite perfume.

I still remember my reaction when I was gifted with a perfume. I think I sent a wrong impression to my friend that I hated my gift. Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE PERFUME. Just that I have too much at the moment lol. I currently have about 30 bottles on my vanity table and another 10ish in the cabinet unopen. I wish he ask me what I want and I’d reply diamond 😛

Body - Fragrance Gucci Review: Bath / Body

When Fiona Met With Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Limited Edition That Has Her All Over

Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Limited Edition 1
Gucci make the best fragrances out there. They hardly or almost never got it wrong, for me that is. I am a fan. Every single Gucci fragrance I own are my most favourite among all. Just don’t ask me to choose my favourite among the favs as I would have a problem with it 😀 . Gucci Flora, one of Gucci most sought after fragrance is said to be targeting younger audience. With all the floral motives going on and the cutesy bow on the bottle neck, I can see why. It is dubbed as a subtle but yet sophisticated, floral fragrance that are inspired by princesses from the past, present, and future. Fast forward to early 2017, Gucci launched a Gucci Flora Gorgeous Gardenia Limited Edition scent. Eeeekkk! I love limited edition scent!

Body - Fragrance Event Gucci Review: Bath / Body

Gucci Guilty Absolute: If You Don’t Have the Nose for Leathery Scent, it’s Okay. You’re Not Nonsense, You’re Just Human

Gucci Guilty Absolute 1
Scent is a personal preference. I cannot stress this enough here in Street Love. Some like it floral, some like it fruity, some like it woody, some like it musky. This makes us human. You’re not weird, not nonsense. You just have a different preference as everybody else. I may like floral and you may like fruity but that does not mean I can call you crazy. No, you’re not. So don’t be afraid to say it out that the scent does not suit you. Because that is what happened at Gucci Guilty Absolute media launch.

I did not like Gucci Guilty Absolute’s leathery and earthy scent and I was referred to as the weird one. Oh please.

I do not have time for the drama because I need to tell you about this new men fragrance. Let’s save our breath for that shall we? 🙂

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Gucci Guilty For Him and For Her: Are You #GuiltyNotGuilty?

Gucci Guilty For Him and For Her
I love the new Gucci Guilty For Him and For Her campaign statement – #GuiltyNotGuilty. It is catchy and makes one wonder, what do Gucci mean? Really, what does the new tagline #GuiltyNotGuilty means?

Gucci is entering a new chapter. Gucci is celebrating individuality. The new generation breaks the gender rules and common social boundaries. They’re expressive, being who they want to be, doing what they want to do. They believe in living and indulging in life without that guilty feeling. It’s a modern generation declaring more on self expression and sexuality. That’s the new Gucci Guilty.

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6 Ways To Enjoy The Summer (Brought to you by Gucci)

6 Ways To Enjoy The Summer 1
Photo Source: Dogo News


Summer is coming and I am embracing the heat, the beach and the happiness of the best season of the year. Get your beach umbrella, your thirst quenching drink and your stylish sunglasses ready. Here are my six tips to make the most of this Summer season. I don’t know about you but despite living in a 365 days hot country, I LOVE the sun, the tan skin, the clear blue sky weather with marshmallow clouds. Love!

Body - Fragrance Gucci News Review: Bath / Body

Gucci Bamboo Eau de Parfum: Strong characteristic but yet graceful on the scent

Gucci made pretty good smelling fragrance all year round. I’ve said this before and I’m going to said it again. You can never go wrong with Gucci fragrance. I was blessed with a few Gucci fragrance and although I like them all, I can’t tell which is my favourite because they all smell so good.

Fresh from Gucci fragrance line, the brand introduced a new fragrance for her – Gucci Bamboo and it is already available for purchase.

Gucci Bamboo
The foundation of Gucci’s new Bamboo is to grab the brand’s most recognizable design signatures in references to Gucci woman of today, which is strong and graceful. Why bamboo? Well, bamboo has always been associated with strong characteristic for it’s natural strength survival will in extreme conditions. It is also elegant in a way and that, are what modern Gucci woman have in common with. Strength and confident, feminine, bendable but not breakable, adaptable, vital and fierce in facing changes in what life has to offer.