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HbG Japanese Magazine Mook Review: Magazine

HbG 2011 AUTUMN/WINTER Fairy Sky

I haven’t been buying japanese magazine for quite some time. Upon purchasing any item, I could purchase HbG 2011 AUTUMN/WINTER Fairy Sky with a 20% discount at Kinokuniya. Original selling price is RM69.60 and I only paid RM55.68 for this mook. That’s a RM13.92 discount!

HbG 2011 AUTUMN/WINTER Fairy Sky – RM55.68

The usual packaging for japanese magazine or mook brand item.

The brand item is not wrapped with another plastic or whatsoever. It’s just placed in the protector cardboard.

I can’t make sure if this is pouch, multicase or wallet. To me this looks like a wallet more than multicase. Which is why I bought this at the first place…as a spare wallet.

This wallet is HUGE. It measures at a whopping 22cm x 14cm. This is also another reason why I decided to get it. Plus the print is cute too. You will find the iconic HbG brand patch on the front of the wallet too.

The back portion however is really weird. It’s slightly shorter than the front portion. I have seen the display unit before purchasing and it is indeed shorter at the back. Maybe it’s the style. I don’t know. But this doesn’t bother me at all.

Huge & spacious interior! Love it.

A cute bear bear zipper pull ;). Cute to the max.

This is indeed a worthy mook to get.

Chinese Magazine Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty Magazine CUTiE Magazine English Magazine HbG iS CLINICAL Japanese Magazine Queen 5th Anniversary Queen Magazine Review: Magazine

Magazine Haul – 3rd Week Dec

This week magazine haul is rather different. I picked up 1 each for Japanese, Chinese and English!

Haul of the day for the week.

Finally I managed to pick up a magazine copy which comes with a HbG tote bag. I wasn’t liking the previous freebies print but this is nice. I just hope the size is bigger that’s all. The tote is very well-made and sturdy. I encounter zero problem with glue stain, stitching etc haha. Surprisingly the material is kinda hard so the tote could stand on it’s own. As soon as I took the pictures below, I went out with mum and I used the bag. I was a bit nervous to bring out the bag from my room as I bought too much of everything lately. Mum says it’s not that small. Just nice for a quick outing.

CUTiE January 2011 X HbG tote bag. Magazine retailing at RM39.35.

Blurp on cover.

Brand item packaging.

This is how the tote folded inside the brown cardboard box cover.

Presenting. . .HbG tote bag!

Brand tag sewn on the bag which is different from other brand item. Normally they just print the brand name on the bag or pouch. This is different. Makes the bag feels expensive.

There’s 3 pockets on the outside of the bag. Mum was suprised to see that extra pockets

Ahh. The bag also comes with closure button which is a plus point!

Interior lining is purple.

As I entered Kino entrance, I notice the huge promo poster has changed to a new promo. This time it’s Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty magazine freebies! With purchase of the magazine, we are getting a goodie bag with lots of stuff (you can see what’s the goodie from the poster). Goodie bag is redeemable at cashier counter upon paying. I totally forgot about this and only realize I missed this magazine when I was about to leave. Immediately I grabbed a copy and headed to cashier counter.

Cosmetic Surgery & Beauty December 2010 X iS CLINICAL 9-pcs skincare. Magazine retailing at RM20.

From left to right: Cleansing Complex, C Eye Advance, C-15 Serum Advance, C&E Serum Advance, Poly Vitamin Serum, Firming Complex, Eye Complex (sachet), Moisturizing Complex (sachet) & Youth Complex (sachet).

Should have bought a few set more 🙁 🙁

Finally spotted Queen magazine with freebies! I never seen any before but I’ve seen from the tv show. Then I found out that there’s 2 type of stock. One batch comes with freebies and the other is without freebies. No wonder I never seen any.
I spotted this on the “preview” rack. I grabbed from the rack after realizing there’s none left at the magazine section. It was the last copy. Then I spotted another Queen magazine with another freebies which is a wristlet pouch and I grabbed it too. Reason being? It’s the last copy too! After a few rounding I realize I don’t need the wristlet pouch. I had too many. So I put it back for another lucky girl to discover it =)

The one I grabbed comes with Queen 5th Anniversary cosmetic pouch.

Queen Fall Winter 2010 X Queen 5th Anniversary cosmetic pouch. Magazine retailing at RM32.58.

Belly band on the bottom of the magazine indicating the brand item is included.

Unlike japanese magazine brand item, this brand item is just packed in a clear plastic bag only.

I don’t know why my pouch is not aligned properly. It’s slanted to a side no matter how I adjust it. Could it be that the pouch has been squashed in the middle of the magazine for too long or it’s workmanship issue? Anyway, the material outside is satin. Very soft.

Gold 5th Anniversary zipper pull at 1 side.

Normal gold zipper pull at the other side.

First side inner view. Looks OK. Wait till you see the other side.

The other side is bad.

What is that plastic thing anyway? And it’s not properly cut at all.

I like the Agnes B pouch which comes with Elle Singapore November 2010 magazine or the Agnes B pouch from Elle Hong Kong. Too bad we at Malaysia doesn’t have this privilege.