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Review: Kiss Me Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow #03 Light Brown

Yesterday morning right when I was above to draw my eyebrow, I notice the led of my automatic eyebrow pencil is missing! I went into panic mode and start searching. When I calm down I tried to think if I have any spare and I didn’t. Then I thought of Kiss Me Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow #03 Light Brown from an exchange programe back in February. I was a bit hesitated to use that as it’s very light in colour.

Here’s the picture from previous post.

The colour is very hard to draw on. I had to keep dragging and drawing to get a visible colour. However. . .something which I like about this eyebrow pencil is how natural looking it is despite the light colour. I do like how it looks on my brow but I doubt it’d be visible in photograph. The led is super thin and small which makes drawing quite easy. I’m considering to buy one in middle brown or dark brown if the price is not as pricey as it is now.

Here is the colour on my brow upclose. I’m surprise it looks “ok” upclose in photograph. In far distance? Errrmmm not?

I love this photograph! Kiss Me Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow look so soft on my brow.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

Exchange Program Heroine Make Kiss Me Watsons

Kiss Me Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow Exchange Program

Watsons held a Member’s Day last Thursday 17th Feb 2011. Besides all the discounts and extra points offered, I’m extremely excited with the exchange program for the day.

I’m delighted to find out that Kiss Me Heroine Make had a eyebrow pencil exchange program and I have a automatic eyebrow pencil which was about to finish up. So glad that I kept the casing. I informed a few colleague of mine due to the continuous meetings in the morning, I only managed to redeemed mine after lunch.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow #03 Light Brown. All available colours i.e. #01 and #02 was fully redeemed. Only left light brown 🙁

The back of the packaging.

The casing is made from maroon colour plastic. It’s small and thin but sturdy looking.

I didn’t realize this is a twist type of pencil. I kept pulling the top off thinking that’s the cap! Ouch! The tip is superfine at 1.5mm. The smallest I ever seen.

This is how #03 looks like on my hand. It took me some time to get the colour on. Maybe this is new so I have to draw up and down and hard several time to get the colour.

Another great exchange program 🙂