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iHerb JASON Make Up - Remover Review: Make Up

JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover: A quick, easy and convenient way in removing eye makeup

In my quest of searching for the best, fastest and most convenient eye makeup remover, I often stumble upon YouTubers talking about eye makeup remover pads and how it worked so well on them. One particular brand that was highly talk about is Almay, which unfortunately none of the online store ship to Malaysia except for I don’t think I have the will in me to wait for one and a half month though.

iHerb is a place that I often turned to for my “international brand” fix. Although iHerb does not carry Almay products but I managed to find something equally good, if not better. There are two brands available in iHerb carrying eye makeup remover pads. I chose JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover because the other brand kept receiving comments about the pads being a bit dry.

Jason Quick Clean Pure Natural Makeup Remover
I received JASON Quick Clean™ Pure Natural Makeup Remover not too long ago. It came without any box and worse, without any proper wrapping around it. I also couldn’t find any manufacturing date or expiry date printed on the jar. I must say, it is worrying to me not being able to tell if someone had open the jar before and if the product is still good to use. I believe they are but there wasn’t any hard evidence to back it up.