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Review: JUJU AquaMoist Facial Cleansing Foam

I decided to pick up JUJU AquaMoist Facial Cleansing Foam 150ml from GC Clearance Sale at RM39 after a slight disappointment that nothing much to buy there and the fact that I’ve always wanted to buy a foam cleanser. I nearly nearly bought the one from Hada Labo? But didn’t as the price is kinda pricey and this is still pricey to me too although it’s at clearance sale price.

The product name on the bottle believe it or not is “Moisture Washing Foam” but somehow it’s named Facial Cleansing Foam here.

Description, ingredient, benefits is all at the back of the bottle.

I like that it has a safety feature at the pump to avoid unintentional pump. As you can see the pump and the passage way is kinda huge.

I tried pumping some out but didn’t want to waste so I pumped really slowly and the result is rough foam! The foam should look very smooth and fine like this (pic link from Lotus Palace). Not like this where all the bubble is so huge and visible.

As a result, the foam tend to disolve in no time! What a failure me!

My personal review?
I like that I need not to scrub myself to get that kind of foam. I can easily pump and wash. Each time I pump 2 – 3 times depending. Normally after I removed my makeup I would pump 3 times to get a clean wash. Other than that it would be just 2 pump. I would say this bottle will last long for me as I alternate it with other cleaner. Will I repurchase this again? Yes but maybe Hada Labo’s foam cleanser :). I wanna try both to see which provide a better result.

So far I see no different with this cleanser. Hmmm…

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.