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Gadget - Power Bank PME Review: Tech Tech

PME Razor Plus Ultra Slim MX-50 5000mAh Power Bank Keeps My Phone Recharge, Power On and Stay Connected

Today’s post is not quite a beauty related topic but it’s related to what I do or need as a beauty blogger. I am not a gadget girl. I don’t stay up to date with the latest gadget or technology at all. Can you believe it if I tell you that I refused to change my Blackberry Bold to iPhone because of the battery longevity? It doesn’t help if all your friends that are using iPhone complained about the battery. And I always spot my friends charging their phone 24/7. Finally one day my trusted Blackberry Bold gave up on me and so here I am, using iPhone 4S and I become one of those people that charge their phone 24/7 lol.

Being in a full time sales profession by day time and a beauty blogger by night and weekend… I am constantly on the phone regardless on the call, smsing, browsing internet, Instagramming, Facebooking or even checking and replying email. As a beauty blogger I wanted to post “live update” of the events I attend but I wasn’t able to do so as my phone is constantly on low battery.

I never thought of using power bank. Don’t ask me why. Told ya I’m a noob in gadget and technology. When this PME Razor Plus Ultra Slim MX-50 5000mAh Power Bank landed on my lap, I was over the moon.