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Kaizen Japanese Skincare May Be the Simplest 2-Minute Routine and Yet its Everything You Need

Kaizen Skincare
It takes a lot to convert someone who is used to the 9-steps Korean skincare layering method to 4-steps maximum. When I started using the whole set of Kaizen skincare, I amazed myself with how fast my skincare routine is nowadays. Night time especially. I sleep very late on typical days. Laziness always get to me because by the time I am sleepy, I would be too tired to move a limb to apply my skincare. So when I am on the Kaizen 2-minute skincare routine, I was done unknowingly. And it’s just 3-steps! No kidding. As I grew older, I notice that my skincare routine gets minimal by year. Somehow I feel that I have been through it all. From no skincare at all to 9-steps, to using luxury brands to drugstore brands. I’ve done it all. The only thing I have not done is going minimal. While my makeup routine shows no sign of stopping, my skincare routine however has been taking a chill pill these days. Minimal but efficient is what I am looking for, and I found it through Kaizen.