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KATE Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil: A 1.5mm Tip Gel Eyeliner Pencil That Are The Easiest To Use, Ever

KATE Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil 1
I go through phases with eyeliner. One week I’m into winged eyeliner look, one week I’m into smokey eyeliner look, another week I can be spotted with colorful winged eyeliner. Lately it is all about no eyeliner but looking as if I had eyeliner on. The key to that is smoking out gel eyeliner. I have teary eyes therefore gel eyeliner as regular winged eyeliner does not work for me. So I used gel eyeliner to tight line and to line my water line. And KATE Tokyo launched one of the most exciting gel eyeliner last week. Say hello to the long awaited 1.5mm Sharp Lock Gel Pencil 😀

Clarins Isetan Kate Majolica Majorca Paul & Joe Shiseido Warehouse Sales

Isetan Anniversary Sales – Paul & Joe, Shiseido, Majolica Majorca, Clarins & Kate


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I took some time off from work and headed to Isetan Anniversary Sales on Friday morning. The first day usually is closed for Isetan members. I was told there’s a Paul & Joe and Anna Sui further markdown 2 weeks ago and I was really excited. I go in from Ground Floor and went straight up to 4th floor at “The Gallery” where the cosmetic and fragrance fair is held. Here’s my damage.

I didn’t know where Paul & Joe counter is at so I took my time to browse around for other stuff and then I saw them. My target is to get lipstick, eyeshadow, 2-way foundation but there’s no single lipstick or eyeshadow for sale. Everything is packed in a set and we can’t choose the lipstick or lip gloss colour that are in the set. I was delighted to see that Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation UV Set selling at RM158 which comes with a free refill and lip gloss. Next I decided to grab Paul & Joe Face Color & Lip Gloss Coffret Set for RM109.

Paul & Joe Face Color & Lip Gloss Coffret Set – RM109
The set comes with Face Color C (blusher), Lip Gloss C (tri-color), fur wand for face color & a cute drawstring satin pouch!
Face Color C is actually powder balls just like Guerlain’s. I never have this before so I got it anyway eventhough RM109 to me is kinda expensive considering the items in the set is very little and I don’t like/wear lip gloss.
Drawstring satin pouch is made from thick satin material which doesn’t feel flimsy at all. It’s kinda cute too 🙂

The most value for money and anticipated purchase for me is this Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation UV Set which comes with a retail compact, refill pack and a Lip Gloss N. All that for RM158. The compact itself costs RM150. Basically I just add RM8 for the refill and lip gloss! LOL.

Paul & Joe Protective Dual Powder Foundation UV Set – RM158
Closed-up look at the set.

I moved over to Anna Sui for mascara but they only offer 30% off from retail price which is not really a lot saving if I were to compare with all the counter there. So I moved to Shiseido counter and managed to grabbed MAQuillAGE Full Vision Mascara #BK999 for RM40 and two Eye Color N which is eyeshadow base for RM17.50 each. When I checked the mascara the next morning, to my horror the mascara is all dried up. So I brought it along with me the next day (yes I went again with my colleague) and ask for an exchange. I was told straight to my face that they don’t allow exchange. I screamed a lil to her saying that I bought a mascara from them, it’s dried up and I can’t exchange? She said yes they don’t allow exchange. I repeated myself again this time with a hard tone and she said she’d ask from another colleague. I overheard her colleague saying to her that they must exchange for me and I was relieved. When the lady came back to me with an answer, she told me to choose another item. I was so annoyed. I insist that I want a mascara and she said it’s sold out. AIYO. SAY SO LA EARLIER. The lady didn’t even mentioned about sold out. She just blindly ask me to choose another item. So I chose a blusher for an exchange with the same price. Phew. Long story huh.

  Shiseido MAQuillAGE Eye Color N – RM17.50 each & ShiSeido Accentuating Powder Blush #B2 Rosy Beige – RM40
This is the exact colour. Not as light as above picture. This applies to be more natural. Not too white or too pinky.

I was happy to see Majolica Majorca there as well. I skipped their eyeshadow which is dirt cheap comparing with drugstore. I only grabbed two Lash Gorgeous Wing mascara for RM29.90 each.

Next. I walked down to Ground Floor to Clarins counter to get HydraQuench Starter Kit which is selling at RM78. This is very similar to Truly Matte Best Busy Set. Only missing a cleanser.

HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase 15ml, HydraQuench Cream-Gel 15ml,HydraQuench Cream-Mask 15ml & white cube pouch.
The cute square cube pouch included is cute. I like the leather-like material.

On the second day, I constrain myself from spending but curious about Kate Nail Color Dry so I bought one to try. It’s to fasten the drying process of nail polish. It’s only RM12.

* Picture appears blur due to the shrink wrap.

What’s my damage? Total of RM569.80. Phew.


Gifts from Friends Kate

Birthday Pressie from Kate

Last Thursday was my birthday and I applied leave on both Thu and Fri for some me-time. Thursday was a fun-filled day as I met up with Kate for lunch, a quick detour to Clarins Jusco One Utama to meet with Fennie, then to Speedworks to collect my car (servicing starter) and lastly dinner with Liza from Renault Malaysia.

Kate had forgotten that we are suppose to meet at The Gardens and she went to BVII so I drove as fast as I can from MV to BV. The distance wasn’t that far but the jam in front of BVI is just killing me. We met at The Loaf. Had a nice mushroom soup with mango juice for lunch while Kate had asparagus soup. It was nice to see Kate again to catch up. I’m happy to be able to catch up with Kate after both of us left the company.

That day was just Kate alone. David; her husband is left at work hehe. Kate said this is girly girl outing :). As David wasn’t present, I was unable to take a picture of us. There’ll be next time.

Kate was kind enough to give me a birthday pressie and a card. She placed it on the table even before I reach. So nice of her! I always like to receive present from Kate. She have good taste in everything.

She said “something for the office”. She know me very well. A coffee mug. This is not just any ordinary coffee mug. Firstly it’s a present from Kate. Secondly it has the girly print on the mug. Like I said, she know me well. I suppose we are both similar in many ways. Thirdly it’s Christopher Vine design mug!

Birthday pressie + card from Kate.

Single boxed mug from Christopher Vine. Box is handmade ya.

The mug is protected with a thin layer of paper.

Stiletto print on one side.

Corporate suit print on the other side.

Cute birthday card from Kate and David.

Signed with love and best wishes.

It’s not how expensive the gift is. It’s the thought that counts.

Bioré Freebies Kate L'Oréal Rilakkuma Scholl Watsons

Watsons Haul

After browsing at Kinokuniya yesterday, I headed to Watsons to get some necessities. I’m glad to find out from Watsons FB page that Christmas sales has started. The special PWP this time will be….Rilakkuma! I’m not a Rilakkuma fan though but here’s a short intro on Rilakkuma quoted from the FB page.

“Rilakkuma” means “bear in the relaxing mood”. He’s always lazy & relaxed anytime & anywhere. He’s stress-free and doing things on his own pace. He’s someone who’s impossible to hate!! You’ll be lazy & relaxed when you’re watching what Rilakkuma is doing. Another way of putting it would be lazy bear. His favorite past times are sleeping, eating, watching television, listening to music, and hot spring bath. His favorite foods are fish ball, pancakes, and puddings.

Here’s my haul of the day…

The damage.

Mystery gifts from Watsons with purchase above RM50

This wasn’t in my to-buy list. I just happen to walked pass and it’s quite cheap.

Bioré Cleansing Oil – RM18.40 after discount with extra 100 points. I can’t recall what is the NP for this.

Really? Without cotton pad? To be frank I like removing make-ups with cotton pad. I feel it’s more clean and hassle free. I don’t fancy getting my hands oily and dirty 😛

I love the protective cap! This is great for traveling without being worried if you accidentally pump the oil out.

I’ve tried the cleansing oil yesterday night and the smell is GOOD! Much more nicer smell than Bobbi Brown’s cleansing oil but more oily.

Been wanting to get a Kate eyeshadow palette but never have the guts. I’ve been reading Lotus Palace a lot and on how she love Kate’s eyeshadow palette and since this is on 10% sales, I thought maybe I can grab one. I’m good with blue, green, purple, pink eyeshadow but not brown. I always ended up having puffy eyes hahaha. This palette is a risky colour for me but I still wanna perfected my make up skill on brown colour.

Kate Reflect Mirror Eyes BR-2 – RM39 after 25% discount.

I’m not liking the overall casing.

The palette comes in 3 colours. I got BR-2 instead of BR-1 as it’s not as dark as BR-1. I can learn to apply this easier…hopefully *lol*

I read that this is very glittery. Which is what I wanted!

On the other note…my eyelashes has broken leaving a huge gap in the middle of my right eye. I don’t know if it’s the mascara problem or the mascara base which I’m sensitive with. I experienced this before with Missha mascara so I assume it’s the Max Factor mascara that I’m not suitable. I stopped using mascara for the past few days to give some time for my lashes to regrow and regain it’s strength. Really sad. I’m not comfortable going to work without mascara. It makes me feel naked although I put on my eyeshadow as usual. It’s weird putting on eyeshadow without mascara.

I saw L’Oreal Renewal Lash Serum in Watsons Mid Valley weeks ago but didn’t get it as I don’t need it and it was selling at RM49.90. When I found out from Watsons FB page that this will be on sale, I knew I have to get it. This is selling at RM39.90. The cashier scanned this item during checkout at RM42.80 and I stopped her right away. She went to recheck the price for me, the supervisor was called to override the price to RM39.90.

L’Oreal Renewal Lash Serum – RM39.90 after discount.

Instruction on how to use.

And I got this. Scholl Odour Control Shoe Spray. I got the shoe spray instead of foot spray. I wear pump to work and never have odour problem as I put Scholl insole in for comfort. The only problem I have is Scholl insole is in beige white. So I have to wash it all the time. Then I discover insole from Daiso which is in dark brown colour. I switched from well-known Scholl brand to brandless which is what the problem is. Daiso insole is without those tiny holes for breathing and it’s not a good sweat absorbent. Which is my problem now. So I decided to turn to Scholl again and I’d be switching all my insole to Scholl…again.

Scholl Odour Control Shoe Spray – RM15.92.

With a purchase of RM10 and above at Watsons, I can get one Rilakkuma gift item at RM9.90 each (NP: RM19.90). So I got this plastic mug in pink.