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Kiss Me Make Up - Eyes Review: Make Up Watsons

Review: Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara & Mascara Remover

I’ve used up all my mascara on hand so I have no choice but to fork out some money to buy a new one. After some consideration of which mascara to get, I decided to get Kiss Me Heroine Make mascara.

I dropped by Watsons KLCC and I was delighted to found out Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara comes with a free mascara remover! The single mascara is selling at RM44.90 and this set is also RM44.90 so without a doubt I’d get this! But of course I have great fond on Majolica Majorca mascara so I take a peep and the price is only a few ringgit cheaper than Kiss Me but I couldn’t find a mascara which can give me curl and volume.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Volume & Curl Mascara comes with a free mascara remover – RM44.90. 

Product description on the mascara at the back of the packaging.

Product description and directions for use for mascara remover at the back of the packaging.

The mascara is in deep maroon colour tube with gold wordings and decorations while mascara remover tube is in light pink colour.

The brush is slim in the middle but wider on the top and bottom. The size of the brush is not too big or too small. Just nice for my eyes. I can see some fine fibers on the brush which is meant for some lengthening and volume.

The mascara remover rush however is quite unique. Just look at the picture ;). I’ve never seen anything like this!

Now let’s take a look at how this mascara transform my lashes and how wonderful the mascara remover works!

My bare eyes hehe. Looks so sleepy.

I applied some mascara base for extra oompphh.

OH MY GOSHHHH! I never seen my lashes so long and curl before! My eyelashes immediately curled up upon first application and I only applied 2 coatings. 

The mascara remover is easy to use.

Brush on mascara remover and leave for 2 or 3 minutes. The formula is quite watery/oily though so beware.

I used a cotton pad and gently place underneath my eyelashes facing upward for 2 seconds and wipe! I’m so impressed with how well and good this is! The formula feels oily though which makes sense on why a waterproof mascara could be removed so easily.

Overall, I love both products very much! I have this “happiness tears” problem which messed up my eye makeup most of the time but this mascara just stay put on my lashes without giving me any smudges.

Although the mascara I bought is volume & curl but I do notice some lengthening. It could be from the fine fibers in the formula. It does curl up my lashes all day long and really give my lashes the volume which I wanted. Tomorrow I’d try 3 coats! As for waterproof. . .no doubt this mascara is oil, tears, sweat, water and sebum repellent.

1) Worthy buy for a 2-in-1 set.
2) Mascara is water, oil, set, tears proof.
3) Mascara makes eyelashes curled up as well as adding volume to it.
4) Mascara remover is not too oily and work superbly in removing the mascara without making you looking like a panda.

I couldn’t find anything which I dislike. . . seriously.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.

Exchange Program Heroine Make Kiss Me Watsons

Kiss Me Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow Exchange Program

Watsons held a Member’s Day last Thursday 17th Feb 2011. Besides all the discounts and extra points offered, I’m extremely excited with the exchange program for the day.

I’m delighted to find out that Kiss Me Heroine Make had a eyebrow pencil exchange program and I have a automatic eyebrow pencil which was about to finish up. So glad that I kept the casing. I informed a few colleague of mine due to the continuous meetings in the morning, I only managed to redeemed mine after lunch.

Kiss Me Heroine Make Quick Eyebrow #03 Light Brown. All available colours i.e. #01 and #02 was fully redeemed. Only left light brown 🙁

The back of the packaging.

The casing is made from maroon colour plastic. It’s small and thin but sturdy looking.

I didn’t realize this is a twist type of pencil. I kept pulling the top off thinking that’s the cap! Ouch! The tip is superfine at 1.5mm. The smallest I ever seen.

This is how #03 looks like on my hand. It took me some time to get the colour on. Maybe this is new so I have to draw up and down and hard several time to get the colour.

Another great exchange program 🙂