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Japanese Magazine Haul!

Yesterday as usual I drove to Kinokuniya to check out the latest arrival of japanese magazine. Nothing really interest me this time. The one I wanted is expensive. The one I don’t want is rather cheap. Then I remembered the bargain corner so I went to take a peep and I snagged 3 magazine at a bargain price in less than 5 minutes!

Here’s my haul of the day. . .

Biteki July 2010, Sakura July 2010 & Dia Daisy July 2010.

As my eyes were looking at the bargain corner, I was looking for any bulky magazine. At first I was disappointed as all the magazines are thin which means there are no brand item available. Suddenly I spotted a huge and bulky magazine stuck in between all the thin magazine. I slipped in my finger to peep at the cover and I saw the blurp! It’s a Hello Kitty flip flop and I thought I was dreaming. Quickly I picked up the copy and I take my sweet time looking at the blurp and the hidden box inside the mag just to confirm the brand item. Dia Daisy July issue comes with a pair of Kitty Lab flip flop is at a clearance price of RM15. Usually magazines which is at bargain corner is only RM10. I even spotted before more than 10 copies of Spring April 2010 issue which comes wich Jill Stuart tote bag. Anyway, I was worried about the size of the flip flop at first. There’s a small caption of “(24cm)” at the blurp which indicate the length of the flip flop. I remembered my size is around 24cm too. But I care less if the flip flop fits me or not. It’s a rare find! And cheap too =)

Dia Daisy July 2010 X Kitty Lab Flip Flop & Anklet (oh yea, I only found out that an anklet is included when I opened the box at home!).

The blurp which caught my attention. I say this many many times before. . .these blurp kills me! So nice!

Kitty Lab flip flop comes in a box, not those brown cardboard box packing. Nice right?

Back of the brand item box.

How the flip flop was packed in the box. Very neat and well protected.

Tadaaaaaa. Kitty Lab flip flop. So cute! I love it inside out, left and right, up and down *lol*

Kitty Lab logo.

The anklet included. It has an initial “D” on the love pendant. Unfortunately I took the picture upside down haha.

My best, cheap, most thrilling purchase of the day! The flip flop is sooo well made and looks exactly like the blurp picture. Really really worth it right?

Immediately right after I found Dia Daisy, I found this! Nearly missed it as the brand item box is very very small and thin. It was hard to spot on in between all the magazine though. Luckily I flip through one by one. Sakura July 2010 issue comes with Deicy clear makeup pouch is selling at RM10. I was looking for a pouch and I need not to spend RM40-RM50 this week for a pouch. This is just nice. I actually thought the pouch is huge but nope. It’s smaller than usual. Nevertheless, the size is OK for me.

Sakura July 2010 X Deicy clear makeup pouch.

Blurp of brand item on front cover. I couldn’t resist pouches!

Brand item box and packing.

Deicy pouch in brown cardboard. I just realize the 2 love resemble a specs >.< The cute pouch itself.

Back of the pouch is beige polka dots.

Initial “d” on the zipper pull.

Another great find! Yippy! The pouch looks exactly like the blurp picture on front cover. It’s very well made. Not those cheapo and flimsy pouch at all.

As I was about to leave the bargain corner, I spotted this out of the sudden. Biteki July 2010 issue comes with Neal’s Yard Remedies Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Serum and notepad is selling at RM12. You know how I love skincare as well so I bought this too.

Biteki July 2010 X Neal’s Yard Remedies Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Serum and notepad.

Brand item blurp on front cover. I kept on wondering what’s the blue and green thingy.

It comes in a box though.

Back of the box is similar to front of the box.

This is how the inside looks like. Ahh so the blue and green thingy is a notepad.

Neal’s Yard Remedies Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Serum. I haven’t try this so I don’t know if it’s good.

First half of the notepad is blue.

Second half is green.

Mum said “cheh” when I showed her. But to me this is another good find though.

Guess what else is in my shopping bag?

I spotted a copy of GISELe December 2010 issue which comes with Coach Poppy 2011 diary. I bought another copy for a client friend of mine who asked me to get her a copy a few weeks ago. This is now selling at RM50.85.