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Customize Your Home Mask Treatment with KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet and Have Fun Along the Way

Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet
Some people find it odd that I am not a fan of sheet mask and love cream or wash off mask to death. That is because my masking time is always at night, when I am penning down a blog review. I find that sheet mask tend to slide down my face and pull my skin downward along the way, especially those that are heavily soaked with essence. Those are heavy! Now this, this KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet is my new found love. I love these to death. More than my wash off mask? Maybe. Probably. Well, who’s counting? 😀

I posted a short video on Instagram using KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet for the first time, probably one to two months ago and I did not expect it to gained so many views. If you missed it, go click on the link to view the video 🙂 . KOCOSTAR is a Korean brand and it is a new brand available at Sephora. KOCOSTAR offers all sorts of home treatment mask series ranging from hair to toe masks. You can read all about KOCOSTAR at this link as well 😉

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Join the Hype! Kocostar Home Beauty Treatments Now Available at Sephora Malaysia

Kocostar Home Beauty Treatments 1
I received a huge and heavy surprise parcel a few weeks ago. When I ripped the courier packaging off, I was shocked to find so much of mask series from hair to toe from a Korean brand, Kocostar. Some of the mask I did not know it even existed! Imagine how shock face at that time lol.

Little did I know, Kocostar – Home Beauty Treatments is actually quite a well-known brand. They make all sorts of mask series for the face, hair, feet and nail and it is made available at more than 20 countries globally, with over thousands of stores in total. They only have one goal in mind, and that is to be No. 1 Creative & Innovation mask brand in the world. Errr Kocostar, I think I can certified you are one after looking at all the mask you have. If this is not innovative, I don’t know what is 😛 . In total, there are 12 mask variants available at Sephora beginning February 2017. This proves how long I have not step into a Sephora store lol.