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IN RED December 2010 X Brigitte Bardot Lancel Pouch

Picked up a copy of IN RED December 2010 issue which comes with Lancel pouch from Brigitte Bardot collection. The magazine is selling at RM47.65 and after Isetan member discount will be RM45.25.

I’ve been keeping an eye on this pouch since I found out In Red will be having this brand item. The review of this have been pretty good so far and this sort of confirmed my decision of getting this.

The funny thing is…I forgot about this magazine when I went to Kinokuniya yesterday. Too many magazine in my mind and I can’t recall which is which everytime I’m browsing. As I was browsing, I saw this magazine and I grabbed a copy up without much thinking. The easiest decision I ever made :).

Here’s the gorgeous magazine & the brand item.

In Red December 2010 issue + Lancel pouch from Brigitte Bardot collection.

The blurb on front cover. Nice…

Plastic cover of the brand item. The other side is blank.

Gorgeous, huge, PINK, cute pouch. This is a collectible item for me and I’m a bit reluctant to use it hehe. The pouch is as big as half of the magazine. Too bad the print is on one side of the pouch.

The back of the pouch is without print.

Close-up of the print.

Zipper-pull close-up.

The inner lining is well-made. The pouch is padded as well.

This is one of my satisfied purchases so far. The pouch is well-made and really make it to their luxurious name.