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Laneige NEW Sleeping Mask Range are Set to Give Your Skin a Good Night and a Good Skin

Laneige Sleeping Mask Range 2017 1
For you sleeping mask fans, you will be extremely excited to know that Laneige Malaysia has released a bunch of new sleeping mask range, ranging from the face, lip and the eye! Yes people. You read me right – Eye Sleeping Mask, which I am most excited with. I have a page full of sleeping anatomy and how a direct correlation is visible between sleep quality and skin condition. But I’m not going to type out all of that (because I know you girls don’t read 😛 ) so I am going to go straight in telling you that a good sleep means a good skin. As simple as that. However, a good sleep does not mean you get a well-hydrated skin. You will still need that push to get a healthy skin. A well-hydrated skin will chase away all the skin problem. Remember that 🙂

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Laneige Beauty Road 2017 is Back with New Sleeping Mask Range

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Range 2017
Fans of Laneige and Laneige Sleeping Mask! You must visit Laneige Beauty Road 2017 happening now at Centre Court Mid Valley Megamall as TODAY IS THE LAST DAY! There are lots of promotions being offered at the road show, games to redeem travel size products, contests, giveaway, makeover and a K-Beauty experience are whereas you can learn everything about K-beauty. My favourite is the scent bar experiential zone and scented card wall whereas various illustrated cards with different scents are featured.

Now, Laneige Beauty Road 2017 is not just about what I mentioned about because this year, Laneige launched a series of Sleeping Mask including Limited Edition Lavender Water Sleeping Mask, Eye Sleeping Mask, and four new flavor variants of Lip Sleeping Mask – Berry, Grapefruit, Apple Lime and Vanilla.

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Laneige Malaysia Released 30 NEW Silky and High-Pigmented Silk Intense Lipstick

Laneige Silk Intense Lipstick 1
Not sure if you notice or not that recently more and more lipstick or liquid lipstick are being released. Good news for beauty or lippie lover but bad news for our wallet 🙂 . Understandably, lipstick is the one item that anyone would pick up in a collection. You may have too much eyeshadow palette or blush and even foundation but you can never have enough lipstick.

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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Laneige’s New Boutique at Pavilion Elite

Laneige Pavilion Elite 1
Whenever I go to a store or boutique launch, I just go. I don’t think much. But Laneige’s new boutique at Pavilion Elite had so many people asking me “what’s the difference between this one with others?”. Then it got me thinking. Yeah, so what’s the difference with the Pavilion Elite boutique compared with other Laneige boutiques? As it is not Laneige Malaysia’s first boutique in Malaysia, it definitely triggers some curiosity and also because the latest boutique is located at Pavilion Elite, it triggers even more curiosity.