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[ADV] Cleo May 2013 X Lanvin ME Limited Edition Box

Last Sunday I spotted a special limited edition blue box of Cleo magazine May 2013 issue in collaboration with Lanvin ME at Kinokuniya. The magazine is selling for RM7 which is definitely a steal considering the normal issue would be RM6 per copy. This collaboration came in place in conjunction with a new fragrance launched by Lanvin – Lanvin ME.

Cleo X Lanvin ME1.1
The box is a super thick and heavy duty box in a “Tiffany blue” color that resembles the color on Lanvin ME packaging box. It does look like a blown up version of the fragrance if you ask me.

Body - Fragrance Lanvin Review: Bath / Body

Review: Jeanne LANVIN Couture EDP – Perfume for the Summer of 2012

Well, not so new :). I was late in this review after attending the fragrance launch somewhere in August. Sorry! But I have a reason for the delay.

It is a fact that perfume review is very subjective. Everyone is different. It’s either you love it or hate it. On the launch day itself I had migrain since morning. You might have guessed that on that day I was very sensitive to almost everything. Food I like smelt horrible to me, laptop screen too bright although I adjusted it to the lowest brightness and of course perfume is too strong and makes me giddy. That was exactly what happen with this lovely Jeanne LANVIN Couture perfume. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not bad until I was giddy. It’s the migrain! 

When I reached Spanish Steps Pavilion KL (where the launch is) I was already excited. Add that excitement to migrain and you’d get a giddy me. When I was given a bow band to take a sniff and when the new fragrance was spritz to the air…it was fresh and sweet and it does smells good. Please remind me not to take deeeeeeeppp breath next time at fragrance launch when I’m having migrain k? Maybe I took too much of a sniff at the bow band on my wrist, I started to get dizzy LOL!! I knew immediately it wasn’t the perfume. So, the big question is. Does it smell good? I’ll tell you what I think…BELOW 😛

Alright. The packaging, bottle etc review. What I like about the box packaging is that I get a cardboard outer box sleeve, a plastic wrapper, the box and inner box which is slightly corrugated to protect and to let the bottle sit securely inside. Very secure considering the bottle is made from glass and heavy!

The bottle. Absolute gorgeous. The bottle is a square 2-tone color with Jeanne LANVIN grosgrain fabric label on the middle while decorated with a deep purple ribbon box on the neck of the bottle, created by Artistic Director Alber Elbaz Lanvin. The bottle fits perfectly on the palm of my hand. Heavy but steadily. I always remind myself not to drop it lol! I’m clumsy at times so I’d normally sit on my bed while handling this gorgeous.

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New in Town: Lanvin Introduce New Fragrance – Jeanne Lanvin Couture

2 weeks ago I was invited to the launch of Jeanne Lanvin Couture fragrance at Spanish Steps Pavilion KL. The scene at the launch is absolute breath taking. After registering myself I made my way to the launch area. I was given a voting card upon registration as there’s showcase of dresses designed by Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) students. So we are suppose to cast our vote. Just so you know…Lanvin partnered with Parkson and Malaysian Institute of Art (MIA) for the launch.